Eye Of The Tiger!!

Today is Friday, January 5, 2018. Today, I got the eye of the tiger in front of my physical therapist and I did my own transfer!! I transferred from my bed to a shower chair, and then from the shower chair back to my bed. My physical therapist nearly had a heart attack, but she’s way too young to experience anything like that.

I set my mind to it and I did it! I did the transfer. Now I am spending the rest of my day in my room. We have serious cases of influenza A running through our nursing home accommodations, so I am staying out trying to stay away from infection. This strain moves easy and fast!!

There has been about five minutes of talk about me getting out of here, but I am not ready. That’s another part of the eye of the tiger. The tiger sees possibilities for failure and analyzes the situation before its attack. That is what I need to do here. I need to gain back the strength I lost when they cut my shoulder muscles apart. Yes, the only way to get to my spine in my neck was to cut my shoulder muscles.

Today is another new day and I will continue to attack when the situation arises after careful consideration, so I don’t give my physical therapist a heart attack. She’s funny when that happens, but I am honestly not trying to kill her.

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