The Dichotomy Of Pain.

Pain is a silly, sad thing, isn’t it? We can never truly prepare for it until we are in it. It is silent and creeps upon us with little to no warning.

Today, I began doing transfers again. Today I completed four transfers on my own. Turns out, that was too many and now, I lie awake at 12:43a.m. with a literal pain in my neck! Had I known this would be my course, would I have taken different steps to arrive at this point in time? Perhaps. What if I decided on the old saying, No pain, No gain! Attitude, which my brain is currently trying to revel me into. Mind over matter. We, That is to say I, did what I did and now I must figure a course of action so I can find restful sleep!! Tomorrow begins another week of physical therapy. Dun, Dun, Dun!!!!

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