Define Or Refine!!

Tonight in Minnesota fans of our Minnesota Vikings are reveling in the awesomeness of a second round playoff MIRACLE!!!!

Score is 24-23 in favor of The New Orleans Saints. Ten seconds on the clock. We are a long way, a long way from a touchdown!!! But what happens?? Case Keenum throws a Seven Heaven pass to Diggs, Diggs, takes the ball, falters on the sideline but miraculously avoids defenders and stepping out of bounds to run it back for a touchdown!!!!!!! Vikings win and we meet Philadelphia Eagles next week!!

This is a moment where The Vikings will define or refine their hunt for Super Bowl at home!!! First home Super Bowl to be played ever, if we make it that far!!! What they do as a team this week will define the outcome of next week’s game!! What they need to concentrate on this week is what needs to be refined from the lessons of this win over New Orleans!!!

We are no Saints, but I admit, I am proud to call myself a Vikings fan when I hear them give the glory to God!!!! Defining moment!! When we stumble and place too much love and worship on the God’s Of football, we need a refining moment!! The impurities Of idol worship are engraved deep within our souls, I admit it, I fell for it too tonight!!

This is me crying tears of joy over the Vikings win!! But I won’t let that moment define my relationship with Jesus Christ. I will use it as a lesson to refine where I place my thoughts, words and deeds. As we all should.

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