Funny Thought!!

Doctors and D.J.’s- What do we have in common? Neither one of these professions gets out takes!! A doctor makes a mistake someone’s life hangs in the balance. A d.j. Makes a mistake someone’s special day hangs in the balance- usually of the paycheck the d.j. will receive!!

In all my years as a d.j. yes, I have made mistakes. I even shut down an entire radio station by accident once!! Don’t worry, I turned it back on and went on with the show. But I did hear about it from my program director the next day!! Bad bad bad!

So, why are some professions allowed do-overs and others are like, ‘Nope! You screw this up someone dies, or you’re fired!’ I guess that’s just how the world turns.

On a completely humorous note, This is hilarious!!!! Good day!!!

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