Day 21!!!

3 weeks??? 3 weeks???? As of today, yep, I just checked, I have been in my rehabilitation program at the nursing home for physical and occupational therapy. You never know how much you use something unless you lose it!! I guess that is a good lesson this week for those of us in Minnesota and New Orleans, huh? Did you see that football game on Sunday???

I was crying the last two minutes because we were down 23-24. The game plan everyone thought was to throw a pass and get out of bounds so we could kick a field goal. God had other plans. The best part was when Stefon Diggs said those exact words in the press conference after!! Why did the Vikings win?? Because we are becoming a team lead by God. When you serve God’s will, things happen!! And then there is the other train of thought, maybe this is just our year.

So, today, we are in the midst of 3’s (God’s number). Three weeks I have been in the nursing home. 4 weeks since I have seen Home. And just under 3 weeks until the Super Bowl!!! It’s been a learning experience for the last month and I know it will continue to be a learning experience for the next month! Time sure flies, huh?

Day 21 from the nursing home is coming to a close as I have to be ready to roll out at 7a.m. for a surgeon’s follow up appointment tomorrow!! 3 hour drive for an appointment that may last an hour. And it had to take place so darn early in the morning??! Come on! I am no early riser! But, we do what we gotta do, don’t we.

It amazes me how fast time flies by and the things that happen. I remember early on here I said, ‘Nope! I am not gonna get close to any of the residents because as soon as I do I will be getting kicked out of here!’ What happened? I have made quite a few close friends here and I will be trying to work my schedule around their schedule now. We are getting pretty mean at throwing dice here! No gambling, but a lot of fun! We need more fun in our lives.

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