A Lesson From Nurses.

As I type this I am eating lunch with my two lunch buddies! We have eaten most meals together for the past few weeks. Most of the time it is in silence, but today, we broke the ice!!

I cannot tell you their names, but I can tell you I wish I got to know them sooner. As I look around the dining room today I see nurses. Nurses everywhere! What are they doing? Helping. Some people cannot feed themselves. Others can but refuse to eat. Others need help with other tasks while eating. But, what I notice about each nurse in this room, they are busy!

I wish the world would take a lesson from this. Helping. Helping hands. We are now raising a generation that thinks it is funny, or awesome, or whatever, to eat Tide Pods!! Seriously, has human intelligence sunk that low?? Kids, ITS POISON AND YOU WILL DIE!! You won’t get sent to a place where someone will help you with all of your daily needs, you will stop breathing and your body will have done with it what your parents wish. Parents, step up and if your kids are in any way involved in this foolishness, talk to them! Be involved like these nurses! Talk to them!! Get to know what they need for help.

We all need help from time to time. And everyone should have their own opportunities to help from time to time. Don’t waste those opportunities. Get in there and get the work done. Yes, (Mom forgive the following language but it’s where I am taking it) the work may indeed be shitty work! It may involve literal shit!! But someone needs to step in and help! I swear, this generation of kids will be the ones helping me in the nursing home and I am hoping I never end up in a situation where I need the help of someone who eats poison as a dare!!!!

This message is for everyone!! Nurses, you are doing awesome and the best you can with what you are being given. Everyone else, take the opportunities to be a nurse to someone any chance you get!! I’m gonna get back to my table boys and talking about the dice game I missed this morning. Good day!

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