Horizon Thinking.

We are often told, ‘Keep your eyes to the horizon. Keep looking way ahead.’ My friends, when we keep looking for the horizon and things that can’t yet be seen, what are we missing that’s right in front of us?

Yes. It’s good to be prepared. Yes. It’s good to know that storms and dangers may be over the horizon and be prepared for them when they come. But don’t let it ruin the sunshine of this day!!

I spent the last month of my life in the hospital and in a local nursing home for 3 weeks. They told me I could expect to be in the nursing home for up to 3 months!! Talk about looking to the horizon!! But, I didn’t! I put my head down. I put in the work and I surpassed everyone’s notions about what this healing process is!! Do not ever tell me it can’t be done!! I am a warrior with a warrior spirit! And God guides my paths. I will worry about the horizon when what’s beyond the horizon gets here.

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