Be Present.

Is it May yet? Is it June? I wanna be sitting on the end of a dock fishing!! Last year, this was me:

We didn’t keep this big guy! This is a sheephead fish and we were told they aren’t good eating. We went after catfish last year!! And we caught a lot!! And we ate a lot!!

And now, we are in the throes of January!! Fishing season seems so far off! All things considered, this Winter has not even been close to being considered harsh! Very little snow, warmer temps than usual. We’ve even seen 50 degrees in January!! What??!!

But, see, that’s my point. I started off this post by wishing for the fishing of the future. I am missing right now by not being present in the present! I hope you are able to be present in the present as well, my friends. When we don’t focus on what is right in front of us, we miss out on great blessings that could go away if we don’t recognize them for the blessing they are when they are in front of us. Be here in The now and take note of the greatness of this moment.

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