Feeling Misunderstood?

Are you feeling misunderstood? Unappreciated? Feeling like your talents are not being recognized? That’s the problem with genius, my friends. Often times, genius is captured upon by the genius themselves, but seen as unnecessary noise in the world within the time.

I watched a movie about the great Ludwig Von Beethoven this evening and it struck me! Nobody understood his genius! The visionaries are visionaries because they are seeing things that have yet to happen!

Do you find yourself in this quandary? Do you have friends and family saying ‘That’s crazy! You can’t make that work!’ Guess what, YOU CAN!!!! BE BOLD AND STEP OUT IN FAITH TO SOMETHING THAT HAS YET TO BE!!! The Greatest geniuses of the world became so after they were already gone!

Where would we be without Beethoven, Bach, Tesla, Einstein??! Not where we are! And there are countless other great things coming about from great people even today! Do not discount them as failures! Do not discount their ideas, embrace them and become part of something great!!

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