Big Guns!!!

I now know more than one person who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This is unacceptable to me!! This disease is the worst, most unfair, evil thing I have ever seen!! Alzheimer’s is the devil’s tool!! Guess what, I SWING A BIGGER HAMMER!!!

I am calling on The blogosphere, the world really, to get involved!! My Father-In-Law is in the final stages and my wife and I now have a very dear local friend who is going through it and even though we see him weekly, Yes, WEEKLY, we see deterioration in him because of this disease!! It needs to stop!! It needs to end!!

Alzheimer’s can die, it doesn’t need to kill anyone else and that is what it does right now. No cure, no medicine can make it stop! Doctors need funds to make it stop. Medicine is not free. I am asking everyone who reads this blog to please help! Share this post, donate.

You now know a small portion of my story in how Alzheimer’s has affected my life. Six years ago I didn’t have this passion, now I do!! Alzheimer’s has to go away before anyone else is affected. It doesn’t just harm the person with the disease. It affects families, it affects occupations, it affects jobs, it affects multiple lives with each diagnosis!! Am I getting through yet?!

Maybe you now understand the gravity of this situation, I need you to share and donate so we can kill this killer!! Go to my personal fundraising page and donate what you can. Please.

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