What To Write?

There was a trace of snow sometime last night here in West-Central Minnesota. I am still going through recovering from my spinal Decompression surgery on December 21st. I have learned that the healing hasn’t gone as fast as we originally thought. One or two good weeks does not make for all days to come to be without pain. No pain, no gain, right?

I am excited for the future today! I have quite a few good things in the coming months that I am not allowed to speak of yet. God willing, they will come to fruition. Another lesson I have learned in the past decade is, ‘even with pain, God can make something beautiful!’

So, today, with a pain in my shoulders and neck (no, it’s not that bad!!) I will write to the world. Stay the course, I shall say! Even when it seems like things are breaking, or not working, or going the wrong way, God Still has a plan in action! Remember the story of the walls falling at Jericho? They kept walking seven times for seven days and then blew trumpets!! Trumpets made walls fall down!! We can do that again today if we just keep doing what God asks us to do.

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