Another One In The Books.

Image from a google search which led to

Wow!! As a Minnesotan, a Prince And The Revolution Super Fan And a Vikings Fam, how do I encapsulate the emotions from tonight??!!

First of all, well done Philadelphia Eagles! Your spread your wings and you flew high tonight! You won The Super Bowl!! First time ever in your franchise history!! Next year is the year of The Vikings, so beware!!

The half time show, as a Minnesotan, I cried!! Why? Because of this!!!

When you get to the 9:00 minute mark, I knew I was in trouble!! Then, by 9:30 in the video, tears!! The stadium and surrounding area lit up for Minnesota’s own, Prince!! We lost him last year and he was a profound influence on the music scene here!!

In the end, I was very pleased. I hope The Eagles Fans are celebrating nicely, but I have seen one report of Philadelphia being in flames. I’m not sure if that is true, but hey, play nice!! As a music fan and as a football fan, I love you all!! Peace to us all, please! Rest easy and good night.

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