Timing Is Everything.

Today’s Daily Post Word Simplify is apt timing! That is what my wife and I are in the process of doing. I had surgery on December 21, 2016 to correct a spine issue. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and when they did surgery they found it was not as bad as the imaging scans made it look!! Hallelujah!!

With the recovery from surgery we have found that my daily life needs to be done differently, at least for a while. I don’t move or transfer as easily as I did before surgery. Along with that, we have found that our home needs to be modified to simplify my daily needs. Once completed I should be able to do my daily tasks quite a bit easier. YAY!!

And this has caused me to begin to wonder, what else can I do to simplify life? Not only for myself, but for others. We live in a highly complex world! As I type these words I have the film 1984 on in the background. They tried to simplify life by controlling what people think, say, hear and feel! To control humans is not simplifying. It’s an intricate balance because there does need to be some order and rules to follow.

It’s troubling that there are those who believe the film 1984, which was released in 1984 and based on a book written in 1949 is the world we are living in now. I can see some definite resemblance between the two worlds and it should be troubling that these similarities exist. The way to simplify should not be to take away ones originality. We are created by a loving God who created us as individuals for His purposes. The best way to simplify our lives is to seek Him. No other answers are needed. The Bible says to put our trust in God and not man, and yet, so many are seeing with their eyes only and trusting what they see!! When an entire generation begins to do this, faith dies. And that will only be the beginning of things becoming more difficult.

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