Today’s Daily Post Word is Mnemonic, which is something used to aid in remembering. Ironically, I am a huge supporter of the Alzheimer’s fundraising efforts because EVERYONE DESERVES TO REMEMBER.

Alzheimer’s is a disease which takes away all memories until the body literally forgets how to function and it stops and dies. I cannot possibly imagine a worse way to do, although it is often a peaceful ending as the sufferer just goes to sleep when they forget to breathe.

So, to aid in the research to find a way to stop this disease that has a 100% mortality rate, I am raising funds for the research. You see, this disease has a very personal story to me. Six years ago I met the woman who is now my wife. Her father had been diagnosed with the disease for a few years at that time and now we have been told that it has progressed to a point where he won’t live to see summer which is less than 6 months away. His body is forgetting how to operate.

But you can help!

Click the link and you will go to my personal fundraising page which I started for the walk I am participating with in September. I need someone to break the ice with this. Every dollar helps. Every share of this post and my donation page helps.

Click the link and share this post around the world and let’s stamp out this terrible disease, Alzheimer’s together. Everyone deserves to remember and maybe we can stop using mnemonics too!!

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