Heavy And Broken Heart.

This year I seem to be writing about events or days I want to remember. I seem to be writing when my heart gets hit. Sometimes it is a good, warm and fuzzy hit. Other times, like today, it is a what is the answer hit, and these hits, hurt. They hurt bad!

Today, in Florida, a former student of a high school, used a gun to shoot people. I have heard as many as 20 are dead, but I have heard 18 as well. I do not have any, or even close to all the facts as I write this, but write this, I must!

People are dead. People are hurt. People are scared. People are confused. And the majority of people who weren’t involved have an opinion on this event. And the majority of people, who weren’t involved, are blaming the gun. How did this person get this gun? Why did he have such a weapon? He has been identified as a former student, why did he wait until he was no longer a student to do this heinous act? Is there an adult in his life who had the gun, so we can blame them for having the gun? So many questions! And we have so few answers.

I just was talking with some friends about this tonight and honestly, maybe it is because I had surgery and I have been concentrating on my own health and wellness, but, I asked the question, ‘Why is this the first school shooting we have heard about in MONTHS?!’ And then, I did my research.

Apparently, there have been 18 school shootings, but all but 3 or 4 were either suicides that took place on a campus, or someone with a single-shot gun popped a cap in a window and no one was hurt. Which leads me to my next question, Mom, if your reading this, forgive my strong language here but I need to emphasize this point, ‘WHEN IN THE HELL OF ALL THAT IS SACRED AND HOLY IN THIS LIFE WILL WE START HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE AND STOP BLAMING AN INANIMATE OBJECT THAT CANNOT BE FIRED UNTIL SOMEONE PULLS THE TRIGGER?????!!!’ When have we become so stupid as to not hold PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE???!!

Did you also know, I saw a video of a man saying the kids in this school saw the warning signs, they saw that this person who committed this act today was “A little bit off and quite strange at times”!!!!!! But they didn’t want to say anything out of fear. Fear of being called a liar, fear of the person coming after them. It all revolves around fear!! And what does fear do to anyone? It silences us!!!! If you see an event possibly coming up like this, I have two words —

SPEAK UP!!!!!!!

People are being killed with guns, knives, airplanes, vehicles, alcohol, drugs, thoughts, words and deeds, AND ALL WE CAN BLAME IS THE DAMN GUNS???!!!!! GET A LIFE AND GET A CLUE!!!!


********* FACT ********


We are nearing the time when just over 2,000 years ago a man, my PERSONAL SAVIOR, was beaten, nailed to a cross and said, ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.’ They murdered thousands of people with wood and nails. Was it the justice system they lived by? Yes. But, then Jesus came and said NO MORE!! I have beat death!!! It reigns no more!!!

What if we all realized that and followed Him? He is my Savior, and He is available for you too! He changes hearts! He changes minds!! How do I know?! Because He did it to me!!!! I sit before you as a changed man who once didn’t know Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now I do!!

I am in mourning and prayer for all those involved in violence around this world. Today in Florida, here in the United States, we heard about another school shooting. Yes, I am sure there was more violence around even our country and not just one isolated incident. The cold, callous heart of human kind will always seek vengeance and violence and that happens around the world. This is not some isolated incident we didn’t see coming!!! People’s hearts are full of anger and rage, greed and selfishness. We need to change our hearts to change our path.

Lord Jesus,

I, we, humbly come before you tonight to ask for forgiveness. Forgive us for not seeking you first. Forgive us for speaking out when we should be listening. Forgive us for seeing signs and not stepping in. We are selfish. All too often, Lord, we seek our own ways and we seek revenge. That is not the plans you have for us, Lord. Please, Lord, come into our land, come into our world and heal us now. As some read this as they begin their day on the other side of the world, bless them. Let them know you are there with them in their trials, Lord. I wish we lived in a world where everyone would know and see you, Lord. But we don’t. Those of us who do know you, Lord, help us to shine so bright and stand up when evil tries to make its way! You beat evil already, Lord. Help us now to be your servants and stand up against it. Words without actions is fruitless. Help us show You to the world in only the way YOU CAN. Your works, not ours. For YOUR Glory!

In your Holy And Precious Name, we pray,


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