Public Service Announcement.

This really is a public service announcement for those of my readers who happen to be over 40 years of age. I am turning 42 in less than 2 weeks and tonight, I made a terrible mistake!!

I wasn’t hungry all day. When my wife comes home we usually eat a well prepared meal that most times doesn’t come from a box. Tonight, for my wife’s birthday, this was not the case!

We ate grease. We at foods dropped into a fryer and served in a plastic container lined with wax paper!! Maybe it’s just me, but turning 42 in less than two weeks, I now know I can never eat these foods on an empty stomach again!!

It is 1:39 in the morning and I should be asleep. Where am I writing this from? Not my bed!! Grease hates me!! I need to find balance in this year! Lord, where is my balance???!!! My body currently hates me and probably will go on a 3 to 4 day hiatus of food at this point. And yes, I am fully to blame and accept full responsibility.

Good night and good rest.

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