The Process.

If you have followed my blog for a while you know that on December 21st I had spinal decompression surgery. Talk about not being present for a while. I even missed the day we give our presents here in America, Christmas Day. I have absolutely no recollection that day even happened this year.

The last couple days have shown I still have a ways to go in the healing process, but I am staying present in the moments that occur. At this moment, I have a fuzzy brain and slight pain in my neck and head.

Earlier today I had a conversation with my dad about events from yesterday and my days are so out of whack that I said I didn’t work at my theater job last night when I did. Being present can be a confusing thing, can’t it?

My wife and I have discovered that every time I have any sort of anesthetic that alters my brain activity it won’t always return to the way it was before. This terrifies me because I like having memories. It terrifies me that one day I will wake up and not be in the present. My body will be, but my mind will be somewhere else. I have seen this in my father-in-law and it is a terrifying thing to witness!

So, in the present, I am raising funds for our local Alzheimer’s walk coming up in September. My wife and I do this event every single year and every year I want to raise more. I want to go further! There are still far too many people not being able to live in the present.

If you can help, visit this link.

Everyone deserves to live in the present and remember loved ones and memories. Alzheimer’s takes that away from far too many people and we can help stop it!!

Donate Here:

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