Today’s Lesson.

I have a spouse and we work together to make things happen!! I found out late last night that my medical insurance was going to lapse because I failed to make the entire premium payment. I called today and found out the balance. It was just over what I have left before I get paid again. My wife said, ‘I’ll send it off tomorrow.’

That’s teamwork! We would find a lot of our Earthly problems would be solved if we would just work together.

Solution two- Pay Attention!! I had my wheelchair repair guy stop by my wife’s work today. He’s been trying to reach me for two days apparently! I wasn’t on my phone, for once, this afternoon and my wife finally reached me, ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!! THE WHEELCHAIR GUY IS HERE AND WILL BE AT THE HOUSE IN 5 MINUTES!!!

Paying attention, that brings up another event of today. We have a serious problem with our youth in America, and it’s not their fault!! They want to be heard! They have a voice. They have an opinion. And we haven’t been paying attention. So, how did they get our attention today? Thousands of kids all over America WALKED OUT!! They walked out of their schools saying enough is enough.

Now, my first thought was, ‘These entitled brats don’t have any clue that walking out will not get our attention.’ Oh contraire!! It did! I changed my opinion of this after listening to a parent. She said we need to be there for our kids. We need to listen. We need to take the time and physically and mentally be there so they will be prepared for a world that does not care about their success or happiness. This world is going to chew up and spit out this current generation coming up. Why? Because we as adults have not paid attention. It’s time to wake up adults! It’s time we pay attention and work together. This world would be a lot better for it if we did.

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