Men Of Action!!

This past weekend I was with my dad at a Christian men’s retreat at a camp two hours North called Camp Shaminaeu. I got to throw hatchets at a wood wall, I never got one to stick, but I did it. I wanted to ride a horse, but they currently don’t have the capabilities to make that happen. Although, I did meet an old gentle soul of a horse named Clem.

I wasn’t even at the site for an hour and a friend I haven’t seen in quite some time, who was in some dark spaces the last time I saw him, came to me and was shocked to see me!! To be honest, we both were in some dark spaces the last time we saw each other. We were into hanging out and drinking alcohol. We were into ghost hunting. Like I said, not good places!! I believe the last time we saw each other was 2009!!! And God showed us both that change through Him is not only possible, it’s been done.

I don’t know if anyone else out there is like me, but one thing God has gifted me with is a really soft heart. Music makes me cry! This weekend it was This song!! Who shakes the whole Earth with Holy Thunder, who leaves us breathless in awe and wonder, the king of Glory, the king above all kings!! Ironically, this morning we have had snow and thunder. Spring wants to jump in, but Winter wants to hang on!!

It was truly an amazing weekend and, to be honest, I could have let this weekend defeat me, it tried. We got to the camp and realized it was very muddy! Wow, for mud!! Snow, mud, puddles, lakes all make for not so easy moving in a wheelchair. Sorry, Satan, you don’t win that easily!! I was in the spirit this weekend. I even did this–

We wanted to get me on a horse, but I met a friendly horse named Clem. I wish I would have had my phone with me so I could take a picture. Funny the phrases we use now, aren’t they??

My biggest take away from this weekend was the word, Service. If I proclaim to be a Christian, if anyone claims to be a Christian and they are not living in the service of others, we’re off the mark. That is especially true for us men, gentlemen and Warriors. I am a mix of both. I am a gentleman and a Warrior. God blessed me with a soft heart, but a warrior spirit that will fire up like a bonfire if you bring me to that point. This was a weekend if I Can, even during the times I was told I can’t. I said, nope! Let’s work together to see what we can do to adapt this.

The camp is only a two hour drive from where I live, so I will be going back! For today, I am staying in and watching the snowstorm outside. We are being blasted with another shaking of the snow globe today. And yes, I am being blamed for it in my hometown. Make today and every other day a great one, my friends. Bless the world one day and one action at a time.

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