Positive Affirmation.

I am not in a season of failure!! Yes, those seasons come. Even for me. But right now, at this time, I am not in a season of failure!! Things that try to come against me, they fail. Things try to get me down, and they don’t prevail!!

Somebody out there at this time needs to know, you are not in a season of failure, so jump! Spread your wings and use the storm to move you upward and onward!! Rise above!!

I have no clue who needs these words, but you may be in a season of failure. You may feel beaten down. You may feel like depression, anxiety or maybe even addictions to whatever may have you by the neck and it’s holding you down. Yes! You are in a season of failure, but don’t quit the fight!! Seasons end! Seasons change!! Winter may be upon you and you may feel cold. You may feel like your screams for help go unheard!! They don’t!!! I promise you, they don’t!!

There is a God. Right here among us. He knows our very position in life. He knows our every thought before we think it. He knows our every action before we act upon it!! And He loves us more than we can fathom, we are not alone!!!!

Seasons change, my friends. And we are all in different seasons. Right now, I am in the most amazing season of blessing and one day soon I can tell you all about it. Trust me, you’ll know. Some people out there are in seasons of darkness and loneliness and lost. You may not know which way to go, but keep going! The forest doesn’t last forever. The waves of the ocean won’t slam over you and try to drown you forever. Like Dory said, Just keep swimming.

Life is all about seasons and we are all in different ones. The key to life is to be with those who are in different seasons! You may be in a season of blessing, bless others. I hope this post has done that for you. You may be in a season of growing, reach for The Son and plant your roots into His Soil and let Him nourish you. You may be in a season of decay, nourish those around you so even if you perish, your gifts will live on.

Death comes to us all. But we are here to relate to others. Does this relate to you? I hope it does. And I hope it helps you know you are never alone. Someone is always in the season with you, joy, or pain, indifference or despair. Someone is always there.

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