Opposite Sides Of The Same Coin.

So, last night I went with my bride to our local VFW. It was bingo night. We had supper there and had some time with amazing friends. My bride didn’t play bingo, I didn’t win at bingo.

My bride went home early, I stayed with a high school friend and the bartender who has become a friend until 2a.m. yeah, I am a night owl. Afterwards I spent another half hour catching up with my high school friend about who was still around our small town from high school and whom we had seen and spent time with from time to time. Yeah, it’s been really limited. I need to change that.

After I left I went to Walmart. Got my sweet tooth taken care of and rented a couple movies from Redbox. Turns out, these movies couldn’t possibly be more opposites. Geostorm and Book Of Henry.

Geostorm, unrealistic and basically a storyline like a 12-year old wrote it. Cars get shot by lightning, and it just so happens to be the cars that are chasing the good guys. Hero has to stay behind to save the day, oh wait, no they don’t! Five tornadoes occupying the same location at the same time. People being frozen solid while running away from a storm. Yeah, basically, it was a waste of an hour and a half of my day.

Book Of Henry, ironically more thought provoking of a film ABOUT a 12-year old boy who is a genius on so many levels. Book Of Henry, obviously written by an adult who is capable of deep, meaningful thought-provoking storylines. Geostorm, written by a 12-year old in his bedroom saying, “THIS WOULD BE SO COOL!! I WONDER IF I COULD KILL MY OLDER BROTHER IN THIS FILM TOO!!! Nah, I better not do that!” And then erases that scene.

Spend money on Book Of Henry, Don’t spend the same coin on Geostorm because it’s not worthy of being on the same coin, let alone spending a coin on this terrible waste of time.

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