Would YOU Hold The Wheel?

There are many times in life we don’t feel in control. Loss of a job, loss of a loved one, diseases, we don’t get that job or promotion we thought we would. This list could go on.

Tonight I once again watched a favorite film of mine, Courageous. In the opening scene we see a man stopping at a gas station to fill his pickup. A car thief jumps in and tries to get away, but the man jumps in the window and fights the thief as they move down the road. You can see the whole scene here.

The next scene has two officers talking about the scenario and ‘Would they hold the wheel?’ Too often we try to take control of situations that are not in our control. Sure, we may have made the steps to get to where we are now, but sometimes, things just get out of our control and we need Jesus to take the wheel. And even when we do that, it can feel even more out of control. God knows our future before we do. He knows all the twists and turns.

I find it interesting that a Christian movie would ask the question Would You Hold The Wheel, when the question I see as relevant is Are we meant to?

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