A Life Without Worry.

I admit it, I have been a chronic worrier since I could ever remember. Tests in elementary and high school, solo recitals with clarinet and violin, and even the year or however long it was I took piano (which I don’t remember a thing about!!). I worry.

But, it is something I have been working on. The Bible says we can’t add anything to our lives with worry. It tells us God will always provide. These last six months that I have been basically MIA from this blog have been a proving ground for me and ridding my life of worry.

God has this under control. And as I submit more of my failures and concerns to Him, He has my worry under control. I quit my main source of income a month ago. It was not bringing any joy or thing of value into my life. As a matter of fact, we have discovered it was taking back the money they were giving me to work!! I worked for Walmart. Easy access to shopping every day is a bad idea!!! I literally now have the same income I had while working, only I am not taking in the income from Walmart. That spelled a worrisome problem! Worries gone. God has provided.

What is an area of your life today that you need to turn from worry into a source of power for God? If you are truly honest we all have at least one area we think we have it under control, but it could be so much better when God has it under control. What is that area for you? Begin a life without worry today.

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