Night Time Fishin’!

We just had a midnight fishing excursion here in Minnesota!! You haven’t lived until you’ve gone midnight fishing and heard MILLIONS of mosquitoes!!! Seriously! There was a constant buzz around us tonight for the first couple of hours we were out there.

Our fishing buddies made it out to our fishing spot a few hours before us. Yesterday (May 24th) was my mother’s 70th birthday!! YAY!!!! So, we joined my family at a local winery for pizza. It was fun until our nieces and nephew’s bedtime hit. Wooooooie!! When it is time for them to go to bed, they let you know!! The tears come out big time. They are such well behaved kids though. My brother and his wife do so awesome at parenting.

Yep, today was a super stupendous day for me! I wish I could say the same for my bride. She had a rough day. But that is not my story to tell. Good night, my friends! Tomorrow is another busy day of awesomeness!!

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