My Burden Is Light.

It’s odd how every time I open my Facebook the first, I don’t even even know, how many stories always follow a pattern. They have a theme attached to them. Today, scroll after scroll is about mental health. Then I get to the end of my feed and find out Anthony Bourdain is no longer on this earth and the suspected reason is suicide.

We have a serious problem in this world with people feeling alone. We have a serious problem in this world with people not feeling heard. We have a serious problem in this world with people trying the wrong solutions. WE ARE MEANT TO BE EACH OTHER’S SOLUTION!!! IT IS WHY WE ARE HERE!! IT IS WHY WE WERE CREATED!!!! TO RELATE!!!

Me? Yes! I have dealt with depression. I have dealt with feeling alone. I have felt many times in life like I was in the wrong spot. I have felt like I didn’t belong. But I know FOR A FACT God has a purpose for me. Maybe it is this post.

My name is Joshua Caleb Schueler and I swear By God YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! It doesn’t matter what you have been through, or are going through, there is someone else who has been through it and survived. Please!! You have so much to give this world. You were created for a purpose!! Don’t snuff out that purpose before God says it is fulfilled.

The simple act of your birth- changed lives.

The simple act of you waking up today- changed lives

The simple acts of doing whatever it is you have done today- changed lives.

We live in a cosmic pool where every action we take sends out ripples. Do you honestly believe those ripples never interact?

I admit it, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Anthony Bourdain. I loved his words he used during his travel shows, but some of the comments I read about his thoughts on Christians made me just sit back and pray for him. I was mad. Christianity is not meant to be hated, by anyone! If Christianity is hated, it is misunderstood and it is misunderstood because we are doing it wrong. We are doing it wrong because we are not truly inviting in The Holy Spirit to lead every single breath we take. I assure you, when we truly invite in The Holy Spirit to change us, a change happens. It happened in me.

Mental discussions and solutions are no joke, my friends. And on a day where my entire newsfeed is filled with posts about needing more care and help for mental issues, it’s time we step up and not sweep this under the rug anymore!! How many more world changing people have to die before we take this seriously?????!!

You say you aren’t a world changing person? Yes you are!! You were created by a loving Eternal Father who created you with a purpose to make this world better, to change this world for the better!! And the simple action of communicating with anyone and everyone you meet, can change the world! One conversation can help a person see they are not alone.

I swear to you today, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I am an ally! I may give you rough love sometimes, but I am an ally! God and His Son, Jesus Christ, is the answer. How do I know? Because that is the answer I have found. I am a completely different man than I was 5, 10, 15, And especially, 20 years ago. 20 years ago a loved one put me in the hospital for depression. Yes, it was situational, but it was real. I have been there!

You are not alone!! Reach out and have those conversations today. It could save a life.

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