Missed Opportunities.

Not sure why this memory has been in my head since yesterday, but I guess it means I need to share it.

Picture, if you will, the year is 1988. I am 12 years old. I am at a Bible summer camp for a week and my mom was with me to help make sure I did all of my medical needs and didn’t push myself too far. Ya know, 12-year old disabled boy and hills, lots and lots of hills!! I did run into a tree once, but that’s a whole other story.

This story is about one of the counselors who asked me to take part in the weekly play they put on and allow some of the campers to take part. I was terrified! I can’t memorize to save my life! To this day it has become easier, but still a challenge for me.

This fear threw me into a fright!! I said, ‘No way! I can’t do all that!’ And that’s where my mom being there changed everything. ‘Yes you can! You can do this and you’ll never know unless you try! Don’t turn down every opportunity that comes up just because you can’t do it right now. Don’t turn them down because you think you can’t! Then you never will.’

I loved that advice from my mom. I still didn’t end up doing the play as I remember it. But, my mom’s words of ‘try it! Go for it!’ All of a sudden came back to me last night and I felt I needed to share that.

Don’t let fear stop you from jumping out of the plane to skydive! You have to fall for your parachute to open. And to fall you need to jump.

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