“Three centuries ago setting out to climb a mountain would have been considered an act of lunacy.”

~ Willem Dafoe

I’m not exactly sure why this thought occurred to me during the opening of this film, but as Mr. Dafoe spoke these words as the narrator to Mountain on Netflix, my mind asked the question, why do we have to hurt a mountain to climb it? And think about it, it’s true. In order to stay on the face of a mountain we must chip away at the rock and ice that resides there.

You want to know the true act of lunacy in my mind? We do these same acts of chipping away at people in order to get ahead. You can’t tell me, or prove to me, it isn’t true. You know it is.

We need to become healers of our land and of all people. Why do we continue to bring others down just to elevate ourselves? What if by bringing someone down we are in fact, creating our own avalanche that will overtake everyone with whom we come in contact??!


Then act.

Move up the mountain, yes.

But think about the steps and the chips we must make.

If we don’t, they will become our downfall.

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