Lost Again. 

Lost Again. 

Image from a Google.com search for ghosts are demons which lead to http://www.spectralintelligencesolutions.com 

Today’s Daily Prompt Word is Ghost and once again, I am lost on how to write about this word. I used to have a huge draw towards ghosts and the paranormal. I still enjoy things that are unexplained, but for me, ghosts are explained. 

In my honest, not highly educated on the subject, opinion, ghosts are demonic presences (Stacy, is presences a word?). God created this world and Satan really wants control of it. When a person says they have seen a ghost, for me, 99.9% of the time I can honestly say I believe it to be a demonic presence that is manifesting in the known world. 

Our world is full of things we know. Our world is full of the things we don’t know. And when we are truly honest with ourselves, we must admit there are things in this world, in our daily lives, that we don’t even know that we don’t know. Spirituality and how things really occur in God’s eyes is in this area. We believe in what we don’t see and we call it faith. 

We try to explain things so we can understand, but the truth is, we will never full understand every single morsel of everything this universe (or multiverse if you prescribe to that camp) has to offer. Ever. Only The creator can know all that and He chooses what to allow our human brains to conceive. 

All of the scientific and spiritual breakthroughs of the past few centuries were no mistake. And they were not out of God’s thoughts. There are things we currently know. There are things we currently don’t know. And, like I said, there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. 

I have changed a lot in my Christian Journey and if I am honest, I am not fully there yet. I still fail daily. Until I am so wrapped up in a relationship with Jesus Christ that nothing else matters except what He will have me do in this world, I am still learning. But, one thing I can tell you that He has taught me, ghosts are nothing more than demons Satan brings to entice us into a lower world where everything looks fun, sometimes scary, but we are enticed nonetheless. When we see something we really want to look into, we must ask ourselves, ‘Is this really something God wants for me? Or will it make me a ghost of my former better self?’ Satans demise will often be wrapped up in our greatest wants and desires and it is nothing more than a ghostly trap set to enslave us. Be careful of the ghosts in life, my friends. They can often trap you in a Devil’s Grasp. 

More Inspiration!!!

More Inspiration!!!

I need to write more today, but what??! Where can I get inspiration? A friend who’s writing I quite enjoy, spiritual dragonfly, is doing this writing program a lot like The Daily Post, it’s called The Sandbox Writing Challenge. Seriously, go check out Spiritualdragonfly and then go check out The Sandbox Writing Challenge. 

I looked through the first assignment post and it is an assignment to help you get to know yourself better, what are your seven favorite colors, questions like that. I will be going back to find even more inspiration so my inspiration can flow through to each of you. 

As I was reading through it I began to think of one of my favorite literary films of all time, Dead Poets Society. My favorite scene has to do with the inspiration of a photo of Walt Whitman. Todd Anderson seems lost throughout the film and unsure of what path he should take. Apparently at the end he takes advice from Robert Frost and takes the path least travelled by. 

Anyway, I got to thinking about that film and that scene and I realized there is a great many people aching with desires to come out of each and every one of us! Sure, I am a blogger, but I am a blogger who has a no quit, full force ahead, and take Jesus with you attitude! 

You may be a blogger who takes photographs, or writes poetry, or a blogger with a business mind. Be whomever you are and don’t be afraid to reach down and search for it! Follow the example of this scene from A Dead Poets Society- 


And never forget the words of Walt Whitman- 

I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world.

Walt Whitman

Man Gets Flu, Survives.

Man Gets Flu, Survives.

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

As of Thursday or Friday evening, he can no longer remember which night it was, a thirty-nine year old disabled male began feeling nauseous. As the evening wore on, he felt worse and worse until between the three to four a.m. hour. Around this time he lunged from his bedside into the bathroom where he resided in terrible pain and anguish for the next few hours.

His wife graciously tolerated his being sick as she had taken the vow to do so more than two years prior. “In sickness and in health.” She quoted the local paper about this young man’s battle with not keeping his lunch. 

After a three day battle that lasted well into Monday Afternoon, the young man finally proclaimed, “I feel better! I think I will eat some soup.” And he did and all remained well well into the week. All those who know him best are blessed by his abilities to laugh and see the hard times through. He is an inspiration to many and his laughter has now returned to him and his community once more. 

Reporting live from West Central Minnesota, Rolling Blogger News, 2016. 

Roads And Tides

Roads And Tides

When I was 16 it was 1992. I was a student at Montevideo Senior High. I wore Zuba’s and jeans every day of my life. I was a band geek and a choir singer. I played the violin. 

Some would say I never took anything seriously. Those same people would probably still say 23 years later that I still do not take anything seriously. Because I really don’t. 

At the time, I didn’t know it but life goes quicker the more the years go by. At 16? I thought I had it all! I thought I was gonna be a superstar of some kind. 

Even with the delusional thoughts of grandure I was still the shy one. I had never been on a date. I had my select group of friends in that time of my life too. Some of whom I still speak with on an occasional basis. Most have moved on. 

Me? I am standing at the door of 40 years old and I am right back where I was then. Back in the small town I spent my last four years of high school. A lot has changed, but one thing that really hasn’t is the minds and dreams of SOME 16 year olds. This post is for them. 

You are now 16. A whole new world has been opened up to you, I am sure. You are beginning to think, “what will I do next? College? Maybe military? Maybe I have it all planned out.” 

Guess what. You DO NOT have it all planned out at 16!!! Ever! When I was 16 I was going to be a doctor in psychology. Or an artist. Maybe by some miracle I would end up on the family farm and working the land (my brother got that one). I had a bunch of dreams and goals. I admit, 99% of them involved getting out of here. 

A small town is not really full of opportunities for a disabled male with passion to make his mark on the entire planet. A small town is not really any place for anyone to make a big mark on the planet. Although, it has been done, by men and women alike! 

So, you are 16. You have a driver’s license. You may even have the keys to mom and dad’s car, or maybe even your own car. One thing I can assure you is, nothing will remain as it is. People will come and go. Friends will move on, and sadly, even die. Dreams will come and go and die. New ones will emerge. 

The key, my sixteen year old readers is, don’t go through life thinking you’ve got it all figured out. I am now more than twice your age and I sure don’t! 

Grasp opportunities! Even the small ones. Enough grains of sand can make a big splash in the ocean. Enough grains of sand will create a beach! 

You are never alone, even when you create your own beach. People will always be around. Take note of who is around today. One day, they may be gone. 

This life is full of roads and tides. They come and go, they change directions. Some roads lead to a dead end and you need to back track. That’s okay. Sometimes when we come back to the beginning, we find where we should have been all along. 

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. 

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. 

Today’s Daily Prompt was to talk about something we know we should do but haven’t. Oh, where to begin on this list?


 I should pray more. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. That means every single moment of our lives should be spent with God. But, we always prioritize our lives over that. I have started a simple way of beginning each day, “Hi, God! What are we up to today?” It opens the line. God knows you are ready to speak with Him before you do, so this is more for our human side than anything, but it opens our mind to staying connected. Speaking of staying connected. 


  I should stay in touch with family better. I have five siblings. At this exact moment in time, I could only give you some details about one of them, and only two details about one of them. Which means, I have three siblings I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s on their minds, or going on in their lives. However, the few details I have heard about through our parents, you won’t get those stories from me. Because they are not my stories to tell. Reach out to your loved ones, won’t you? You may end up surprised by what is going on in their lives. And you will stay connected to what is supposed to be the most important relationship of your life!!


  I should eat better. I am a man who loves it simple. Grill up a burger or grilled cheese, put soup in a bowl and microwave it. Microwave a pot pie or a potatoe. Yup, that’s me! Too many starches, too many sugars and my wife will tell ya, NOT ENOUGH WATER!!! I eat horrible!!! However, this is something we are meaning to change after the past couple days. My body is not reacting well at all to how I have been treating it! 

Not enough exercise, not enough water and not enough good foods!! Let me tell ya, preservatives in your body won’t make ya a mummy!! 

There is an entire list of things I should, could and would do. We could be here for days! But these are my top three. We are here for relationship with God and with others, most importantly immediate family. And to do that, we need to eat right and exercise. Our bodies were not meant to die at an early age, but many people do because of lack of good food and exercise. What is on YOUR LIST Of shoulda, coulda, woulda? 

Well. I never. 

Well. I never. 

Today’s Daily Prompt is to tell about something you have done that you would advise someone else not to do. 

This will sound funny, but I haven’t done anything that I would advise someone else not to do. First of all, it’s not my place. We are all human with our own desires, thoughts and actions based on those thoughts. I am a believer in lessons learned. Every single mistake I have ever made, and yes, I have made mistakes, has lead me to a place of awesomeness. Every single decision of my life has lead me to having a college degree, working for Walmart and a blossoming radio station and being married to my best friend. Why would I want to change that by taking away any single decision or mistake? 

For example, it was a mental breakdown due to an addictive personality and perfectionist mindset that lead me to even living in Montevideo. Take away that event of hospitalization and my parents moving me home to get back on my feet and any of the life I am living right now would cease to be. That is unacceptable. 

Today, I am home sick again with a body that does not work. I have no idea why I can’t get this body to do what I want, but that is how it is. Take that away and yeah, I would be at work making money, but who’s to say that my being home sick today won’t set in motion events that will lead to something awesome happening? If I was able to be at work, I wouldn’t be home writing this post. And there may be one or a thousand people who will be blessed by it. 

On the flip side, who’s to say that my being home sick today won’t result in missing out on an opportunity, or possibly many opportunities to bless another’s life? Hopefully, this post is a blessing to you today. 

So, my advise is not to do anything that I have done, but live your life. All its ups and downs, wellness and sickness, riches and times of little, they all add up to a really great life if you let them. And everybody’s journey is different. We need to quit the comparing of lives and just live and let live. He who began a great work in us will see it through to completion. 

We need to stop being afraid of failure. We need to stop being afraid of aging and breaking down. I felt today coming a couple days ago while I was mowing at Aunt Betsy’s Bed And Breakfast. I fell out of my chair when I hit a pot hole while pulling some weeds. Even with my father’s help it was a struggle to get back up into my wheelchair. 

Our bodies are not eternal, but our souls are! Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. Be you because there are no second chances for another you ever. Make mistakes, fall on your face, fail. But get back up! And keep going… 



I began a new idea today, give me three or more words and I will make a blog post using all of them. A reader suggested Time, Apricot, Winter. This will be a tough one, but I shall try.

We are all looking for more time, aren’t we? We all have twenty-four hours in a day and three hundred sixty-five days in a year, but we are all looking for more time. Especially those of us who live in the frozen tundra of the North in Winter. A lot of people around this area of the world go into hibernation and believe me, I am one of them. If it is a day that is particularly full of snow or very cold temperatures, I am like an apricot that refuses to grow! There are just certain seasons that the human body was not meant to be in. Oh, Ancestors, WHY OH WHY did you populate this area of the world? Was it to prove a point? Was it to prove that it could be done? Fruits and vegetables do not like to grow in snow, why should we?