Lost Again. 

Lost Again. 

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Today’s Daily Prompt Word is Ghost and once again, I am lost on how to write about this word. I used to have a huge draw towards ghosts and the paranormal. I still enjoy things that are unexplained, but for me, ghosts are explained. 

In my honest, not highly educated on the subject, opinion, ghosts are demonic presences (Stacy, is presences a word?). God created this world and Satan really wants control of it. When a person says they have seen a ghost, for me, 99.9% of the time I can honestly say I believe it to be a demonic presence that is manifesting in the known world. 

Our world is full of things we know. Our world is full of the things we don’t know. And when we are truly honest with ourselves, we must admit there are things in this world, in our daily lives, that we don’t even know that we don’t know. Spirituality and how things really occur in God’s eyes is in this area. We believe in what we don’t see and we call it faith. 

We try to explain things so we can understand, but the truth is, we will never full understand every single morsel of everything this universe (or multiverse if you prescribe to that camp) has to offer. Ever. Only The creator can know all that and He chooses what to allow our human brains to conceive. 

All of the scientific and spiritual breakthroughs of the past few centuries were no mistake. And they were not out of God’s thoughts. There are things we currently know. There are things we currently don’t know. And, like I said, there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. 

I have changed a lot in my Christian Journey and if I am honest, I am not fully there yet. I still fail daily. Until I am so wrapped up in a relationship with Jesus Christ that nothing else matters except what He will have me do in this world, I am still learning. But, one thing I can tell you that He has taught me, ghosts are nothing more than demons Satan brings to entice us into a lower world where everything looks fun, sometimes scary, but we are enticed nonetheless. When we see something we really want to look into, we must ask ourselves, ‘Is this really something God wants for me? Or will it make me a ghost of my former better self?’ Satans demise will often be wrapped up in our greatest wants and desires and it is nothing more than a ghostly trap set to enslave us. Be careful of the ghosts in life, my friends. They can often trap you in a Devil’s Grasp. 

The Invitation. 

The Invitation. 

Jesus Christ ate a last supper with His disciples. He ate many meals with many different people. It wasn’t always a feast, but when Jesus was there it was always something special. 

Today He wants to invite YOU to a feast! Heaven is going to be awesome! And the only way you will get there is to be on the invitation list through Jesus Christ. Will you take this invitation and come join the feast? 

Be Like Water, My Friends. 

Be Like Water, My Friends. 

Bruce Lee once was quoted during an interview talking about how water becomes the shape of its surroundings. It is smooth, and refreshing. 

But, I want to caution you against too much of a good thing. Even water, though it be smooth and cool, flowing like a river over time, it can erode even the harshest of rocks. It can turn the sands of time into dust. 

Be like water, my friends, but be careful to not erode the beauty and strong structures placed in your life for protection. 

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3 Days Of Quotes. 

3 Days Of Quotes. 

I was recently nominated by specscladeyes to do a 3 days of quotes. I am also supposed to nominate 3 other bloggers to do the same. However, I don’t know of 3 other bloggers who would definitely follow through with this task, so if you wish to join in the fun, please do so. I nominate all who may read this. 

We all have our own opinions and it is very rare to find two individuals who agree whole-heartedly on every option of every opinion ever formed by either of them. 

You are an original, just like everyone else. That is another quote I find amusing. And they go hand in hand. In my opinion, any way. 

We are all originals and no two people will ever look at anything from the exact same viewpoint ever. In order for that to happen two individuals of exactly the same height would have to stand in exactly the same spot in exactly the same position. Physics is trying to work this out through quantum physics, and yes, some particles have been found to do these traits, but humans cannot. 

We are each individuals with our own experiences and it is very rare that we believe we are wrong. Enter arguments. Enter reasons for battle. And mostly, enter the male ego! I am a male, so I can say that. You may have a different opinion, and you are wrong! HA! 

But seriously, one of the most funny men of comedy said this once and I found it deeply profound, true and most of all, funny. Laugh a little, my friends. Put down the opinions and shake hands, or hug, or just say good job, it’s more hygienic these days. But love each other. We all have opinions and we are never going to agree whole-heartedly on anything in this world until it is proven as fact, like gravity. Drop something from a tall building, it will always fall. We can all be right someday when the world joins together as one humanity. And that will be a glorious day we all agree. 

Psycho Social. 

Psycho Social. 

No, I’m not talking about the song from Slipknot, although, I do like their ballad Snuff. I am talking about the American society and how a large number of popular films these days are the thriller/horror film genre. 

I was scoping out our local Redbox in Walmart tonight and I realized, yet again, there is a high number of horror/thriller genre movies for rent in there. Last week I watched Pay The Ghost with Nicholas Cage, interesting film that gets into the mystery genre. I would highly recommend it if slasher films are not your thing.  

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I have found it interesting that these type of films have been increasing in production over the past five or so years. Has our society become so interesting being scared that these movies are on the rise? Is there another reason? Could it be a ‘Heart’ issue? Are we turning away from God? These are questions I have when I see things that are truly not from Him on the rise. I would be interested in anyone else’s thoughts on this as well. Let’s talk about it. 

Inspiration IS All Around Us!!!

Inspiration IS All Around Us!!!

I have recently become a huge fan of Bob Proctor. He was involved in the film The Secret and he has a Facebook page that talks about all sorts of ways to reach our full potential even though we truly have no idea what that even is yet!! 

I just finished watching one of these videos and I had to chuckle because there is a lady in this promotional video for a movie coming out and she is talking about potential and she brings up the old saying, the sky’s the limit!! Folks, if your dreams, your goals, your aspirations are only reaching sky level, YOU ARE NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH!!!!! 

As soon as you leave Earth’s atmosphere, the sky disappears. You are now entering the inner part of outer space. Like the character in  Armegeddon says, ‘This is only the beginning of space! We haven’t even reached OUTER SPACE yet!!’ 

So my challenge for you today is, don’t reach for the sky, don’t reach for the stars, reach for somewhere or something that hasn’t even been discovered yet!! The only way to find something new is to move as far away from what you already know as possible. 

I have no idea why this post hit my heart, but I pray right now, in Jesus’ Name that whomever needs to read this finds their way to this post. Please, if you feel someone needs to reach beyond where they think they can and you feel this message will inspire that, please share this post. I love you all! We are all meant to go further than we have. Reach for places not even discovered yet and you will find a creator willing to guide you.

The Natural Progression Of Life. 

The Natural Progression Of Life. 

Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.

The biggest night out I have had recently would be my second viewing of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. A local friend and his wife and another friend of mine had not seen the film yet. So, as a Christmas gift to me my friend and his wife decided to take me. As it turns out another friend of mine, who used to work with me, had not seen it either and her husband was working that night, so sure, come along! 

I had no idea my other friends were going to pay for me, so I paid for my friend. It was a great night out with friends. If you have been following my blog for a while, or if you are a reader who knows me in real life, you are probably asking, ‘Where was your wife?’ Well, here’s the thing, I married a woman who has not seen five seconds of any Star Wars film!! I know! Doesn’t seem right, does it? Star Wars blasphemy!! 

No, it is okay. I love my wife dearly, Star Wars or no Star Wars. A film series cannot make or break a relationship. She has her interests and I have mine. And in this small town I need to really get out and search to find mine, so when a night at the movies comes along, I jump at it no matter whom it is with. 

My first time seeing the film was opening night with my long time friend and his girlfriend and another friend of mine who wanted to see it but didn’t have the funds. I took them all out that evening, because, why not?! After that viewing we all went to Subway to grab a bite to eat and then we went our separate ways. When you get to be in your late 30’s life isn’t as much of a party scene as it used to be. Last night I slept for 11 hours! Knocking on the door of 40 and my energy is not like it once was. 

If I was to go to a night out before that, I think it would have been all the way back in November. My long time friend I saw Star Wars with that time is in a band. His band at the time was playing in a town 40 miles from here. It was the same night as a band playing here in Montevideo that I had been promoting on the radio station I work for, KKRM, KRAM 96.7fm. They are on Facebook and are aired online, check them out at http://www.kram967.com. 

I used to be a go out every night, karaoke until 2am type of guy, but age catches up with all of us. Now a good night is a night in with my wife watching Netflix. And we actually watch Netflix, not this ‘Netflix and chill’ stuff kids are talking about these days. Nights out are few and far between, but that’s okay. It is the natural progression of life.