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When I think of the circus I think of these things. It’s a lot like life, isn’t it? Some things are good and some are bad. Some we are meant to stay away from, and still others bring us in and we are locked. A circus is like that. Good and bad. But life isn’t meant to be lived as a circus. 

You are not under the control of one ring master coordinating a show for laughter and amusement. 

You have choices to break the chains and be free to not have to do tricks for others. You are free to enjoy life like the innocent child who sees twirlers and acrobats and animals that have a soul, be free!! 

A circus is a cage of illusions. Your life is not a circus but a wonderful thing full of unknown joys. Find that, like a child at the circus. 

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All Of You!!

All Of You!!

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

Like most of us, I work to live and provide as much as I can for my bride and I. She is the major bread winner in our house, but I have always felt there is more to a career than money. There should be a passion and reason behind everything we do. 

Okay, I admit, when I first went off to college I had universal dreams of being a Psychologist making people feel better, solving their problems and making enough money where any worry the world could throw at me would not be a worry. I would just say, ‘Not a problem!! I’ve got this covered!’ And I would have more than enough to help the world and myself. 

Then I woke up, realized I am already equipped with what the world needs. We all are. You, you, you, you and yes, even you way in the back, I see you paying attention from a distance, we ALL were created for a purpose! Our purpose may not involve making huge sums of cash, but ten times out of ten, our true purpose will involve making someone else richer in spirit because we were a part of their lives.

I’ve been living my purpose ever since I figured out what it is and everything I do is to that purpose. My purpose is people. That is my ‘career’. And I don’t always get paid monetarily for my efforts, but I do always receive back blessings in ways I don’t see coming. 

My dream career would be as a voiceover specialist. I have had a number of customer service and phone operator jobs. I worked for two years in my dream radio station, but I let that slip away (again because of money!). I want to be the next Mel Blanc or Walt Disney or Voice Over Movie Guy, ‘In a world…’

But dreams can come in many ways. I have learned in the past five years that I may not live where I want and I may not ever have the job that I want, but this life is not about me. It is about you, and you, and you, and you, everybody else! 

Sure, I gotta make me a priority. An empty vessel will never fill another up. But I will always be there for anyone going through something, anything. That is my dream career. A world full of people that know that Jesus and Josh love them! 

Inspiration IS All Around Us!!!

Inspiration IS All Around Us!!!

I have recently become a huge fan of Bob Proctor. He was involved in the film The Secret and he has a Facebook page that talks about all sorts of ways to reach our full potential even though we truly have no idea what that even is yet!! 

I just finished watching one of these videos and I had to chuckle because there is a lady in this promotional video for a movie coming out and she is talking about potential and she brings up the old saying, the sky’s the limit!! Folks, if your dreams, your goals, your aspirations are only reaching sky level, YOU ARE NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH!!!!! 

As soon as you leave Earth’s atmosphere, the sky disappears. You are now entering the inner part of outer space. Like the character in  Armegeddon says, ‘This is only the beginning of space! We haven’t even reached OUTER SPACE yet!!’ 

So my challenge for you today is, don’t reach for the sky, don’t reach for the stars, reach for somewhere or something that hasn’t even been discovered yet!! The only way to find something new is to move as far away from what you already know as possible. 

I have no idea why this post hit my heart, but I pray right now, in Jesus’ Name that whomever needs to read this finds their way to this post. Please, if you feel someone needs to reach beyond where they think they can and you feel this message will inspire that, please share this post. I love you all! We are all meant to go further than we have. Reach for places not even discovered yet and you will find a creator willing to guide you.

More Inspiration!!!

More Inspiration!!!

I need to write more today, but what??! Where can I get inspiration? A friend who’s writing I quite enjoy, spiritual dragonfly, is doing this writing program a lot like The Daily Post, it’s called The Sandbox Writing Challenge. Seriously, go check out Spiritualdragonfly and then go check out The Sandbox Writing Challenge. 

I looked through the first assignment post and it is an assignment to help you get to know yourself better, what are your seven favorite colors, questions like that. I will be going back to find even more inspiration so my inspiration can flow through to each of you. 

As I was reading through it I began to think of one of my favorite literary films of all time, Dead Poets Society. My favorite scene has to do with the inspiration of a photo of Walt Whitman. Todd Anderson seems lost throughout the film and unsure of what path he should take. Apparently at the end he takes advice from Robert Frost and takes the path least travelled by. 

Anyway, I got to thinking about that film and that scene and I realized there is a great many people aching with desires to come out of each and every one of us! Sure, I am a blogger, but I am a blogger who has a no quit, full force ahead, and take Jesus with you attitude! 

You may be a blogger who takes photographs, or writes poetry, or a blogger with a business mind. Be whomever you are and don’t be afraid to reach down and search for it! Follow the example of this scene from A Dead Poets Society-

And never forget the words of Walt Whitman- 

I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world.

Walt Whitman

From My Corner To Yours.

From My Corner To Yours.

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

We live in a media-saturated world. These days you’d be hard pressed to find anyone under the age of 20 who isn’t strapped into a cell phone, or iPod, iPad or MP3 player. Verbal communication has given way to text-only. Hardly anyone ever speaks on the phone any longer because now it is a computer. I am guilty as charged, your honor. It wasn’t always this way. The definition of progress has meant a chasm of growth in separation. 

I am part of the odd generation. We remember a time when all we had was Oregon Trail on our Apple IIe during computer class in the early-80’s. We were in school, and most of us even graduated high school, or God-forbid college, without the internet!! Say it ain’t so!!! It’s true young ones. The Internet didn’t really rage on to the scene until the mid-90’s!! 

My life without a computer, in its simplest terms, looks a lot like my childhood and how I wish I could live my life now. If you ask my wife she will say I am flat out lying, but even husbands have these secret places of desires of living out in the wilderness they never tell their wives about. It is engrained in our nature. Well, it was. Now we have a generation of entitled people who want everything handed to them. 

Life without computers for them? Ha!! They wouldn’t have a clue how to research a library, possibly keep a checkbook and again, God-forbid, one day will not know how to go to a store and pick out an item they see on the shelf. They won’t know how to write. They won’t know how to communicate without a keyboard or a screen. Progress???!!! Ha! Not to me!! 

Lately I have been on a serious kick, I mean almost an obsession, with survivalist shows. Man vs. Wild, Dual Survival, Survival School, life in Alaska I have watched all these shows over the past few months! It’s almost like God is preparing me to live that way, even as a disabled male. A fellow blogger friend said don’t count us disabled people out just because we are disabled. We can even do the hard stuff. 

I feel a pull within my soul to go hardcore!! And that may even mean writing journals by hand. That’s how they used to do it. Lewis And Clark, (you young kids reading this can Google them in a minute), they WALKED shore to shore of the oceans here in America over 200 years ago!! And other countries? They have histories even richer and broader than that! I am talking thousands of years!!! And in today’s world, we sit on our phones (if we can still call them that) and we have the entire internet in the palm of our hand. 

You want to know the greatest thing in the universe? He holds this entire universe in the palm of His hand!! He is God. He sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to Earth for all of us! He sent the ideas for technology to human beings to create. Imagine a world where one of them said, ‘Nope! I will not create this technology! We will not advance!’ We would all still be writing by hand waiting weeks to receive a letter from family. We would all be so distant from one another. Technology has brought us closer than ever before and we have allowed it to tear us apart. 

I have so many things that I wish to share with the world. I want to document when I first make a fire without the use of a match or lighter. I want to live off the land and share it with the world. I want to experience a life where my computer/phone is not accessed. But I also want the technology available to come back and write to all of you from the viewpoint of a disabled male born with Spina Bifida and say, ‘I did it, so there is no reason you can’t!’ Get out and live life, but share it! Life without computers? Sure. I could do it. But I also like being able to reach the world from my own little corner of it. 



I came across a fellow blogger this afternoon who has reached the awesome milestone of 100,000 views!!!! 

I am currently at 12,031 views in the past year and a half. And the conflicting thought keeps coming back to me today, ‘Why are you doing this? Is this blog for My Glory, or yours?’ God. This whisper has been in my spirit many times over the past year and a half and I always always always wrestle with it!!! 

Yes, my blog is to help people all around the world to see the awesome Grace, Love and Glory of The Lord. But, my human side says ‘I HAVE A GIFT THAT I WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD AND THAT IS A MORE THAN FULL TIME JOB!!!’ The world needs to wake up to the fact that there IS a God among us who loves us and wants what is best for us. He wants to provide for us. But that provision sometimes needs to come in the silence and stillness of ourselves, but it also needs to come at times when we get off the bench, get on the court and act.

 A little over a year ago God whispered a phrase to my spirit and it needs to be shared and utilized by the world, I Make Positive Actions Come True. Positive actions coming true require actions. Period. All of life is not meant to be sitting around listening and not acting. Yes, listen and learn, but then act!! 

The year and a half of posts on this page is my action to that calling. Will God allow me to make this a career? Not without a lot more work and a lot more people being inspired to view and share. Maybe His plan is simply for me to write so you all know He Is Lord and He Loves Us All So Much That He Sent His Son, Jesus Christ, To Beat Satan And Hell For Us All. 

Will you join me in this worldwide event of Rolling Blogger and if you are inspired, maybe others can be as well? If a post I have created strikes a spark in your spirit, share it. Grace and Inspiration belongs to the world. God will provide the rest. 

Actions And Consequences.

Actions And Consequences.

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

I truly wonder if people realize what they are doing when they ponder things such as this. It is a waste of time and energy. You change one moment you change the whole story. 

No matter what moment you choose you are changing your perspective of it. You cannot erase the memories of things that have happened in the future of going back to the past, do you understand that? Your experiences all go with you in your mind. However, you go back and change one thing, you now change the entire story. And there is no way to tell from the past what parts will be changed. 

When Marty McFly went back to 1955 and accidentally met his parents and almost had his mom fall in love with him, not only was that the most Freudian thing ever on film in my memory, but it was in his parents memory and they became these hip, rich, book-writing parents. Ahhhh, the dream! 

Marty had no way of knowing that he would create that kind of reality. And that is what we have at this moment! We have no clue of where our story is going, and that’s kind of awesome! It’s freeing. But each step will impact the next! 

In 2008 I accepted my first, real, ‘I think this is a career!’ Position. I was wrong, but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t tried. And God forbid I wouldn’t have met my wife without every opportunity from then until now falling out from underneath me for a variety of reasons. Some my fault, my choice, some not. 

If I could change any of those opportunities do you honestly believe I would? NO WAY!!! A life without my wife at this current moment is not a life I would want to experience! Period. 

So, what if I was to just go back to that ‘I can make this a career’ position and I actually excel? What if I was to rock that thing out and still be there today eight years later?? Well, that means no photography for The Science Museum of Minnesota, that means no Research Caller for two different companies and being promoted to Traffic Director of five major magazine publications for wealth managers, that means no experience as a collections agent, and most importantly that means no move back to West-Central Minnesota to work for WALMART and that means I would have never met my wife– ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! NO!! 

We live in a world of ‘If Only’. We need to live in a world that understands consequences. Nobody seems to think ahead any longer and realize that every action you take takes you toward somethinng, but it also takes you away from something else. Action/reaction people.

Before you move ahead, know where you want to go and be willing to accept the challenges that arise. We don’t really need to discuss going back because, well, you can’t. Live to move forward and live for purpose. I Make Positive Actions Come True and you will I.M.P.A.C.T. All of your tomorrows and not worry about the past.