It Can’t Be!! 

I heard the news just an hour ago, The Great Paul O’Neill has passed away. I guess he was battling some illness. He was 61, far too young to pass away, right? But, his legend lives on.

I remember my first TSO show. At The Historic State Theater. Of course, Trans Siberian Orchestra always does meet and greets with any fan that wishes to meet them afterward. They will stay until every single fan has been greeted. And yes, even Paul O’Neill.

I will never forget the first time I met him. The entire group was lined along a great table. My best friend and I had just seen Beethoven’s Last Night. Paul O’Neill and I struck up a conversation with the narrator of the show. I mentioned how I wanted his job, and Mr. O’Neill jokingly said, ‘Well, Maybe someday, but he is doing really well for us right now.’ 

I still cannot believe the founder of TSO is gone at 61. Thank God we still have Dick Dale, even though I don’t believe he is touring anymore.

Rest In Peace, Mr. O’Neill.

The Invitation. 

The Invitation.
Jesus Christ ate a last supper with His disciples. He ate many meals with many different people. It wasn’t always a feast, but when Jesus was there it was always something special. 

Today He wants to invite YOU to a feast! Heaven is going to be awesome! And the only way you will get there is to be on the invitation list through Jesus Christ. Will you take this invitation and come join the feast? 

Wheels In The Sky!! 

Wheels In The Sky!! 

I am the type who wants to get in the car and just start to drive. My wife is not. 

Today is the perfect day for a drive. We had a massive storm come through last night and there is a lot of newly placed trees in our little town of Montevideo. 

We had no power until late last night. My wife and I went to sleep with no sound, and no night light. My wife was not happy. 

We woke up this morning and the sun is shining and the storm has past. The wheels in the sky keep on turnin’. Weather comes and weather goes, but it is not what drives us. 

I am driven by the need to move and explore. Others may be driven by their idea of success. Others still may be driven by other people and their happiness. What drives you? And what are you willing to do after the storms of life? Are you willing to get in the car and drive? Are you willing to drive to where needs help? What drives you?

3 Days Of Quotes. 

3 Days Of Quotes. 

I was recently nominated by specscladeyes to do a 3 days of quotes. I am also supposed to nominate 3 other bloggers to do the same. However, I don’t know of 3 other bloggers who would definitely follow through with this task, so if you wish to join in the fun, please do so. I nominate all who may read this. 

We all have our own opinions and it is very rare to find two individuals who agree whole-heartedly on every option of every opinion ever formed by either of them. 

You are an original, just like everyone else. That is another quote I find amusing. And they go hand in hand. In my opinion, any way. 

We are all originals and no two people will ever look at anything from the exact same viewpoint ever. In order for that to happen two individuals of exactly the same height would have to stand in exactly the same spot in exactly the same position. Physics is trying to work this out through quantum physics, and yes, some particles have been found to do these traits, but humans cannot. 

We are each individuals with our own experiences and it is very rare that we believe we are wrong. Enter arguments. Enter reasons for battle. And mostly, enter the male ego! I am a male, so I can say that. You may have a different opinion, and you are wrong! HA! 

But seriously, one of the most funny men of comedy said this once and I found it deeply profound, true and most of all, funny. Laugh a little, my friends. Put down the opinions and shake hands, or hug, or just say good job, it’s more hygienic these days. But love each other. We all have opinions and we are never going to agree whole-heartedly on anything in this world until it is proven as fact, like gravity. Drop something from a tall building, it will always fall. We can all be right someday when the world joins together as one humanity. And that will be a glorious day we all agree. 

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. 

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. 

When I first saw today’s Daily Post Word “Borrowed”, I admit, my thoughts first went to this cherished old saying for weddings. But I had no idea where to take it. 

Sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board, come up with new ideas. My second thought was about how we all borrow. We borrow from neighbors, we borrow our own lives. Unless you will be here an eternity from now, all this, all you see is borrowed. 

But now, my mind is coming back to that old saying. Some people borrow a hand kerchief, some people borrow a dress, or a tie. And then there was the most touching thing I have ever seen at any wedding ceremony I have ever been to. Luckily, it was mine. 

I have spoken of my wife in my blog before, but I have never spoken of her parents. They are awesome people. Sadly, we don’t get to see them very often because they live in Montana. Her dad is now 80 years old. He has Alzheimer’s. For some people it can be suffering, but for him, he has his fair share of pain, but he is so far into the depths of this terrible disease he doesn’t remember. I have had the honor of seeing one moment of clarity, which I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Okay, back to June 29th, 2013. That was the day my bride and I got married (even though I didn’t go to the courthouse to get the marriage license). Her daddy was not able to make the trip to Minnesota for the ceremony. 

So, the time for the daddy/daughter dance. I didn’t even have any idea this was about to happen, but it did!! Not a dry eye in the house as my father got up for the daddy/daughter dance. And it didn’t stop there!! There were a few other men who stepped up as well. If there is one thing I know for sure, my bride is loved!! Even though her real daddy couldn’t be there, many father figures stepped up for the occasion. For a song, my bride got to borrow other daddies!! 

With Or Without You.

With Or Without You.

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

This is such a bold and thought-provoking question, or is it? I am a believer in the eternal soul. I am a believer in the notion that Jesus Christ has already paid my entrance fee into Heaven. He’s an awesome lawyer- Jesus Christ has already said on my behalf,  ‘He is forgiven! Case dismissed!!’

Eternity has no use for the constraints of time. It always was, and it always will be. No slowing down, no speeding up. It just simply is. Some things are true whether we believe them or not. I am also a believer in that time is irrelevant, we have this moment. The past ones cannot be changed and the future ones are not promised. What if it takes me another three minutes to finish typing out this post, but within two minutes a life-altering event I don’t see coming, like a car out of control comes careening through this room, or a speeding bullet, or a health problem, like a heart attack or aneurysm takes place before I hit publish? It is possible, right? What if? No moment is ever promised!!

 So, why are we so concerned with slowing down the good moments and speeding up the so-called bad ones? Time is irrelevant, my friends. Each day we are given 86,400 seconds at the beginning of a day. At the end of a day we have all used all those seconds. A large number of them poorly, I might add. 

At the middle of tomorrow’s day I will reach the milestone of 40 years old. Will I still be this side of Heaven when 2:54pm Minnesota time arrives on February 26th, 2016? Who knows? I don’t. I sure hope so, but we really don’t know. 

Why are we worried about trivializing life so much that we want to speed up or slow down any of it? Take the good times, take the bad times, it’s all just moments in life. And we all owe a death, all of us! I refuse to spend one second worrying about speeding up or slowing down any of it. It’s all just borrowed time that belongs to Eternity. 

The real question to be concerned about is not when it is coming, or if it is coming. I will not be concerned with hanging on to moments in this life that (in the grand scheme of things) really are trivial.

 The real question to be concerned about is where we will spend all of time when this life and all of its moments are done. With God or without Him? Time is irrelevant because we don’t know how much we have left. Don’t waste time trying to change the speed of things. Find your purpose and live for that, with all you have left. And I assure you, you will never find your purpose in this life without looking into something greater than yourself. With or without you, this world will keep on turning. Your hands are tied. Make it count. 

In His Grip

In His Grip

How is the year shaping up for you so far? Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?(Thank you, BasicallyBeyondBasic, for the timely prompt suggestions!)

2016 by no stretch of the imagination has been a dream for me, but not really a nightmare either. I have experienced the death of a friend and an infection that I didn’t pay attention to for far too long that meant to take me out. But, God is stronger than any experience that can come against me and His purpose will be fulfilled! 

I have learned to not really make solid, set in stone, no exchanges type of plans. Plans never go as we choose. My wedding day, I forgot to get to the courthouse the day before AND the day of to pick up the marriage license!! We are still married almost three years later and we have a funny story. We had planned to arrive in Montana to see my wife’s mom and dad, who has Alzheimer’s and cancer, three days before we actually got here. And now that we are here, we are spending another day here because of a storm rolling through. 

A famous musician once wrote, ‘Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long.’ The fun part, for me, is we can’t see the entire highway. Part of it may not be there anymore, or it may be detoured because of construction. That means we get to learn a new way to go! You may have travelled that road a time or two, but life will always throw curveballs at us all. 

I didn’t plan on my friend dying, I didn’t plan on spending five days in the hospital, but those events happened. 2016 has thrown some curveballs my way, and I am positive more are to come. But with my faith and my God, I know I am “In His Grip” as my brother has always said and I have adopted this saying. He’s got the whole world in His Hands and knows the deepest parts of the journey for each one of us. No, 2016 has not gone as planned, but I know it all has been for a purpose.