It Can’t Be!! 

I heard the news just an hour ago, The Great Paul O’Neill has passed away. I guess he was battling some illness. He was 61, far too young to pass away, right? But, his legend lives on.

I remember my first TSO show. At The Historic State Theater. Of course, Trans Siberian Orchestra always does meet and greets with any fan that wishes to meet them afterward. They will stay until every single fan has been greeted. And yes, even Paul O’Neill.

I will never forget the first time I met him. The entire group was lined along a great table. My best friend and I had just seen Beethoven’s Last Night. Paul O’Neill and I struck up a conversation with the narrator of the show. I mentioned how I wanted his job, and Mr. O’Neill jokingly said, ‘Well, Maybe someday, but he is doing really well for us right now.’ 

I still cannot believe the founder of TSO is gone at 61. Thank God we still have Dick Dale, even though I don’t believe he is touring anymore.

Rest In Peace, Mr. O’Neill.

Sometimes We Smile.

Sometimes We Smile.

Sometimes the devil whispers in our ear, but we smile anyway. 

Sometimes the devil tries to convince us we are not good enough, but we try anyway. 

Sometimes the devil whispers to give up and give in, but we fight through anyway. 

Sometimes the devil convinces us we are frail and weak, but we fight through our weakness because Jesus is stronger. 

When we are weak, Jesus is strong.

When we are unsure, Jesus gives us peace. 

When we are at war with others, Jesus whispers turn the other cheek. 

When we have been wounded and are frail and weary, Jesus gives us strength. 

Seek ye first the kingdom, and even though this life brings pain and frailties and weakness, we can be made strong. 

A shepherd slew a giant. 

12 fishermen spread the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. 

A deaf composer composed some of the greatest music we have ever known. 

Do not fear frailty! Embrace it and see how The Lord uses you to bless others. 

I Only Want To See You Bathing, In The Puple Rain. 

I Only Want To See You Bathing, In The Puple Rain. 

If you look enough throughout history, I am sure you can find a sad event somewhere, anywhere in the world, every single day. Today, we lost a music legend!! 

He rose from the bad neighborhoods of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 80’s to become a music legend. Today it has been officially reported that Prince, 57, has died. 

When I lived in The Twin Cities I used to sing his song, Purple Rain, at karaoke bars around Bloomington, Burnsville and Apple Valley. I met a woman in Bloomington at David Fong’s Chinese Restaraunt and every Thursday I would be there singing karaoke and she without fail would request Purple Rain. I only wish someone had recorded me singing it so I could share it with you all. 

It’s another sad day in the music world, but Prince did leave his legendary mark before leaving us so soon. May his music live on long after today, rest in peace, Prince. 

Can You See What I see?

Can You See What I see?

Young At HeartWhat are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

When I think on this Daily Prompt the following video is the first thing to pop into my mind. We are two days out now from Christmas Day 2015 and this film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, along with A Christmas Story and It’s A Wonderful Life. These films conjur up images for me of my youngster days during Christmas. 

I find it awesome timing that The Daily Post would ask this question around Christmas time. I never find it hard to be ‘young at heart’ around this time of year. I still believe in the magic and grace of Santa Claus. I believe he still lives in the hearts and minds of all of us and that spirit of giving and living for one another can and should be found every single day of the year. 

How do I stay ‘Young At Heart’? 

Thoughts and memories of being young. Why are we forced to completely grow up and forget all the wonder of our younger days? Does innocence truly need to be lost? I don’t believe so. I am almost forty years old and I believe in miracles. I believe in peace and love. I believe in the wonder of learning new things every day like a child seeing the world anew! That is how I will stay young. 

Yes, as it already is, my body will grow old and one day die. But I hope that I will keep some of the things of this body healthy so I can help as many others as possible after I am gone from this body. That is how I wish to live on. That is how I hope to stay young for as long as possible. 

Maybe one day my brain will be placed into the body of an able-bodied Athlete and I will have a new perspective with an old brain?! You never know the miracles that can be found on any street. This is my Grown Up Christmas Story Wish. Happy New Year to one and all from Rolling Blogger!!! 

10,000 Spoons

10,000 Spoons

10,000 Spoons…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic.

I admit it I can get annoyed with things from time to time. Mostly though, it is my own fault for the predicament, so I have learned to breathe easy. 

I have been a Christian for a few years now. In my roll with Christ I have come to realize that if it won’t matter in 100 years I shouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep or have a moment of worry over it now. God takes care of all of the animals of the world. They have food to eat and homes that they build. Wildlife is far more resourceful than we humans. It amazes me that it seems as though they do not have the capability of worry. Why do we? 

God gave us free will and we often use it poorly. There is enough space, food, air and all other resources for every man, woman and child on the Earth and all to come, yet we worry. We get annoyed, we become bothered by rainy days and Mondays and by red lights and waiting. 

What if instead of getting annoyed at things we worshipped the creator of this all? What joy would fill our hearts. Thank you, Jesus for the red light. Thank you Jesus for the demotion or being fired from my job so my journey can continue elsewhere. Where would you like to utilize my talents, Father God? I am not annoyed, I am overjoyed at the fact you love me and everything happens within your time. If it doesn’t, even when I tried, it means it wasn’t meant for me. Thank you, Lord! 

Spoons and forks are interchangeable, why aren’t we? So you need to eat your cake with a spoon, so what?! Is it really worth worrying about? YOU HAVE CAKE!!! Eat it with your fingers if you need! 

We need to train our minds to think on things that truly matter. Will this matter in 100 years if I fail at it now? No. Moving on! Our soul is the only thing of us that will remain in 100 years. The memories of those who will be here will matter. People. Relationships. What we do with humanity. These things matter. What are you doing with your day? Does it matter? Will it matter later? 

Thought Process.

Thought Process.

For years I have wanted to attain a large number of goals. I have wanted to write a book about my life. I have wanted to work for a major market radio station. I have wanted to do voice over work. I have wanted to work with Dreamworks Animation as a voice actor. I have wanted to change the entire world in a positive way. Only one thing has stopped me, my thoughts. 

People won’t like your approach. You have nothing important to say. If you talk about the bad and the lessons you learned you will offend people and nobody will listen to your story. All lies that were created in my own head. 

I work around a large number of people. I am a cashier and customer service supervisor for Walmart. So, every now and again I do some little tests. I throw my attitudes out there and see what happens. Turns out when I don’t smile and I don’t necessarily SAY anything negative, but my mind projects it, that is what I get.

Yesterday while at work I had an upset stomach from some antibiotics I am on. Luckily, it is a small course and I am done within a couple days. But, I was at work and the thought entered my mind I was going to feel sick and need to go home. Immediately the thought entered my mind that I cannot afford to sacrifice a day’s wages because of something that hasn’t happened yet. So, I began to literally think the pain away. It worked! Within 20 minutes my stomach ache was gone and I went through the rest of the day sharing smiles and memories with a large number of people. 

It is 100% true. What you put out you will get back. I have even tested this on people who didn’t know. By my being positive I can usually change a person’s mood within a matter of 3-5 minutes. Sometimes their thoughts are so engrained that it takes longer and still other times they are so secure on their pity train that they have a lifetime boarding pass. I guess we can’t all see the light at the end of the tunnel, or maybe it’s just not my opportunity to be the one to have them see that their thoughts do bring things into their life. 

Hypochondriacs think they have this, that, and the other thing for a world encyclopedia of diseases. And by over thinking them, they can bring them into being. 

Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment on water molecules. Some he showed love, compassion, friend, adore. Other containers he showed hate, jealousy, murder, die, things like that. His experiment found that the water crystals he showed love and friendly words to came to be beautiful formations. The bad ones like hate and devil were full of what looked to be contaminates, although, they were the same water. 

What are you thinking about tonight? A loved one? A career? Money? A dream home? A dream job? It has been said if you believe it, you can achieve it. So, right now set your course for success by thinking positive thoughts into your life. You will see a change. Trust me, I have tested it. 



I am a night owl, an insomniac. I admit, my wife caught me earlier tonight catching a nap in the living room of our home. And now, I am awake and she has gone to sleep in our room. 

We are fans of Essential Oils and we have found that Lavendar helped me fall asleep for a while, but then my old habits kicked in again. I stay awake for at least a couple hours after my bride has drifted off to dreamland where I hope she finds peace and happiness. Me? I am awake blogging my thoughts with the air purifier whirring gently in the living room. 

Tonight on my mind is gentle lullabies. I have a few ways of staying awake, but to fall asleep, nothing beats soothing music. These are some of my favorites–

1. Common Threads by Bobby McFerrin.

2. Return To Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel kamakawiwo’ole.

4. The Rainbow Connection by Kenny Loggins.

5. Lullabye (Goodnight my angel) by Billy Joel.

6. Come What May from Moulin Rouge.

7. Your Song from Moulin Rouge.

8. When We’re Together by Mark Harris.

9. The Marriage Prayer by John Waller.

10. Homesick by MercyMe.

11. Word Of God Speak by MercyMe.

12. Heart Of Worship by Matt Redman.

13. Listen To Our Hearts by Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore.

14. Air On The G Sting by Johann S. Bach.

15. Four Seasons (Winter) by Vivaldi.

16. Mozart And Memories by Trans Siberian Orchestra.

17. Beethoven’s Last Night Full Narration by TSO.

Well, this is by no means a full list, but you have well over three hours of music on this list if you listen to it fully. Sweet dreams and may your dreams one day become reality that will chase your nightmares away.