Can You See What I see?

Can You See What I see?

Young At HeartWhat are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

When I think on this Daily Prompt the following video is the first thing to pop into my mind. We are two days out now from Christmas Day 2015 and this film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, along with A Christmas Story and It’s A Wonderful Life. These films conjur up images for me of my youngster days during Christmas. 

I find it awesome timing that The Daily Post would ask this question around Christmas time. I never find it hard to be ‘young at heart’ around this time of year. I still believe in the magic and grace of Santa Claus. I believe he still lives in the hearts and minds of all of us and that spirit of giving and living for one another can and should be found every single day of the year. 

How do I stay ‘Young At Heart’? 

Thoughts and memories of being young. Why are we forced to completely grow up and forget all the wonder of our younger days? Does innocence truly need to be lost? I don’t believe so. I am almost forty years old and I believe in miracles. I believe in peace and love. I believe in the wonder of learning new things every day like a child seeing the world anew! That is how I will stay young. 

Yes, as it already is, my body will grow old and one day die. But I hope that I will keep some of the things of this body healthy so I can help as many others as possible after I am gone from this body. That is how I wish to live on. That is how I hope to stay young for as long as possible. 

Maybe one day my brain will be placed into the body of an able-bodied Athlete and I will have a new perspective with an old brain?! You never know the miracles that can be found on any street. This is my Grown Up Christmas Story Wish. Happy New Year to one and all from Rolling Blogger!!! 

The World Is Waiting For You!

The World Is Waiting For You!

Death, Divisions, people against people, nations against nations, nations against leaders, this cause, that cause, why can’t we all just get along? All of these things got me thinking, ‘why am I here? Why do I blog?’ I do it because the world needs some rays of sunshine and positive attitude that isn’t going to get wrapped up in the machine of us vs them! 

I want to be a copy of Jesus Christ. What did He embody? Love, Compassion, Passion, Fire, Rage (against the machine). And He gave all. My purpose is for you to know love and understanding. Unlike Jesus, I will have no clue of what roads you’ve been down, what choices you’ve made, good or bad. But, no matter all of that, I can show you there is a new road. There will be a tomorrow. You are not alone. 

Have I made mistakes? Oh yeah! Plenty! Have I made decisions that others feel are mistakes, but really aren’t? Oh yeah! Been there too. What it boils down to is, “what is your purpose? And What are you willing to do with and for God?” He’s real! He LOVES US ALL! To Him, ALL LIVES MATTER! To Him, ALL LIVES MATTER BEFORE WE EVEN THINK OF THEM AS LIVES! See, He already knows how each and every event of the lives of everyone on this planet and those yet to come will play out. Omniscient and Omnipresent. Let Him guide you and you will find your purpose. 

My purpose is to be that understanding listening ear when you need. And that goes for ALL people!!! Whether I know you or not! 

Why am I here? For you! 

What Makes Everything Awesome??!

What Makes Everything Awesome??!

This will be my shortest post ever. Are you ready? Here it comes…

What Makes Everything Awesome?

LOVE!!! Period.

If you love what you do, it’s awesome!

If you love your spouse every day of your lives, it will be awesome!

Love makes everything AWESOME!!!

God IS love, therefore, God is Awesome!

Make A World Of Difference!!!!

Make A World Of Difference!!!!

Today’s Daily Post says I just won $1 billion dollars. How would I spend the money?

Well, first of all, I would say, “sit down Dr. Evil, this money is mine!! Not Yours!” And then I would give 100 Million Dollars, again with my pinky turned up towards my mouth, to my church. We have an amazing capability for outreach and change in our community and even further, but 100 Million Dollars donated to my church family would literally change the world!!! None of it would be pocketed, it would all be used to further The Kingdom Of God, which is to say helping all of humanity, and the knowledge of The Gospel. And as a Christian I am called to tithe to further The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, this isn’t to say I won’t tithe in other ways to other Christian Organizations either. But, my home church and its outreach comes first. So, ten percent goes to them.

So, that leaves $900,000,000!!!! Hhhmmmmm…. Where to go from here? Well, first off, all debt for my family, loans, houses, cars, college loans… Gone! My family would be debt free! Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that took $3 Million. Oh boy! Still have $897 Million left!

There is a twenty acre piece of Heaven on my parents farm. My wife and I would love to build a home there. The land for 20 acres right now is probably $160,000 and then we’d have to landscape and build a suitable home. So, let’s say, $600,000 total for landscaping and building a wheelchair accessible home with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a wrap around porch (which my wife really wants), a paved driveway, 2 out buildings, 8 acres of lawn and the land. Yup, I would say that is about right. Leaving $995,840,000 to go.

Oh dear, well, there is The Spina Bifida Association of Minnesota, a charity near and dear to my heart, $500,000,000 goes to them. Hopefully with that money they can make sure that all Spina Bifida is erased from existence. So, now we have $495,840,000 left. Forgive me if my math is wrong on this. I have severely let my math skills faulter!!!!

Starvation in the world? gone! I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would think $400,000,000 should take a huge chunk out of ANYONE going hungry if the funds are allocated correctly towards a sustainable source that feeds all people in the world.

Oh, look at that, $95,000,000 left!!! Invest $25,000,000 into a CD or Roth IRA that gets some great interest. The well will never run dry. Start an organization for kids in every single town, village and every 10 miles radius  of every major city in The U.S. No kid shall go hungry, no kid shall go without learning all the awesome things a kid should learn. Music, arts, writing, reading, love, compassion, having a family who cares about them. If a kid has a dream, this organization sees to it that it happens! We need to create dreamers in the world again.

Mr. Holland was right in 1995!!!! “Take away music and the arts, pretty soon these kids won’t have anything to read or write about!!” Welcome to the new world! Why are 80’s movies being churned out and remade into worthless pieces of unimaginative crap?! Because 20 years ago this country began saying sports was more important than band, choir, arts, writing!! CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!!!!! You’ve created a generation, or two, who don’t know how to create something new!!!! Thanks a lot!

So, now, because of that stupidity, I have to see classics, like Footloose and Ghostbusters remade!!! But, you couldn’t stop there! Oh No! You had to make Ghostbusters politically correct! Please, do not see this as sexist bashing, but Ghostbusters does not need to be remade with women of comedy!!!

Wow! I totally got off track! See what happens when we concentrate on what is wrong in our world? Our focus veers off course and we lose sight of our goals and what is truly important!

Where was I? Oh yeah…. Anybody else need any money? With all my plans and hopefully eradicating world hunger and spinal cord injuries and no child not living their dreams and imagination potential,  I still have more than enough to survive because I was smart enough to invest it into things that will create huge returns!!!

Please, if you ever come into even a fraction of this kind of money, be smart with it and take care of people. We are here to relate and this kind of money would make a world of difference to a world of people! Yes, I am speaking to those who have this kind of money right now!!! Are you utilizing your wealth to help the world or help yourself? There are over a billion ways to help and they still leave you with plenty to survive. Are YOU making a big enough difference in the world?

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. 

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. 

Today’s Daily Prompt was to talk about something we know we should do but haven’t. Oh, where to begin on this list?


 I should pray more. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. That means every single moment of our lives should be spent with God. But, we always prioritize our lives over that. I have started a simple way of beginning each day, “Hi, God! What are we up to today?” It opens the line. God knows you are ready to speak with Him before you do, so this is more for our human side than anything, but it opens our mind to staying connected. Speaking of staying connected. 


  I should stay in touch with family better. I have five siblings. At this exact moment in time, I could only give you some details about one of them, and only two details about one of them. Which means, I have three siblings I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s on their minds, or going on in their lives. However, the few details I have heard about through our parents, you won’t get those stories from me. Because they are not my stories to tell. Reach out to your loved ones, won’t you? You may end up surprised by what is going on in their lives. And you will stay connected to what is supposed to be the most important relationship of your life!!


  I should eat better. I am a man who loves it simple. Grill up a burger or grilled cheese, put soup in a bowl and microwave it. Microwave a pot pie or a potatoe. Yup, that’s me! Too many starches, too many sugars and my wife will tell ya, NOT ENOUGH WATER!!! I eat horrible!!! However, this is something we are meaning to change after the past couple days. My body is not reacting well at all to how I have been treating it! 

Not enough exercise, not enough water and not enough good foods!! Let me tell ya, preservatives in your body won’t make ya a mummy!! 

There is an entire list of things I should, could and would do. We could be here for days! But these are my top three. We are here for relationship with God and with others, most importantly immediate family. And to do that, we need to eat right and exercise. Our bodies were not meant to die at an early age, but many people do because of lack of good food and exercise. What is on YOUR LIST Of shoulda, coulda, woulda? 

3am Thought. 

3am Thought. 

If the simplest answers tend to be the right one, why are there questions we cannot yet answer? 

It’s That Time Of Year AGAIN!!

It’s That Time Of Year AGAIN!!

It never fails. The clock moves forward, Time Marches On, The calendar months fall to the floor, one–by–one! Tomorrow always comes. The new year always gets ushered in and it usually occurs with all of us, or at least, most of us, making resolutions that THIS YEAR WILL BE BETTER! THIS WILL BE MY YEAR FOR ALL AWESOME THINGS TO PREVAIL! And yet…

New Years 2

We always seem to start out on a high note, doing well for maybe a week or two, or for some, yes, it can even last a month or two. But eventually, we all fall short of our resolutions. We didn’t get that stamp on our passport. We didn’t lose that ten, twenty or more pounds and keep it off. We didn’t stick to our new jogging or exercise regimen.

We are, as I type this in Minnesota, exactly Twenty-four hours and twenty-eight minutes away from the beginning of 2015 and there are already thousands of people planning to fail! Why? BECAUSE THEY MAKE RESOLUTIONS! My advice, just be you. BE  the best you you can be and that is easy. Breathe in, Breathe out! Simple, right?

I am hoping that this will be the year that you do all those things that you have been planning for years upon years. I have learned time and again, and most recently over the Christmas season had it driven home again, ‘Time waits for no man!’ One day, all those resolutions that you planned to do and wanted to do all those years in a row, will cease to exist because your human body will be called to the ground as your soul moves to its eternal resting place. However, you still have now, you still have this moment. Make those plans to move forward toward your goals. Make that phone call to a long lost friend or relative. Mend your fences. Get those passports. Live life. Today is the only promise we have and even the end of today is not promised, only right now.

Do not live a life that is stopped being lived because of resolutions. Resolve to live your life right now and live it for other people. If you can live a life that impacts at least ONE OTHER PERSON, in my book, all other resolutions have been met! To end this post to my long list of followers and daily readers I resolve to do this… I will no longer say, I.M.P.A.C.T. all of your tomorrows! No! The only moment we are promised is right now, so I.M.P.A.C.T. THIS MOMENT! Step up and step out of your comfort zone and make things happen, right now! Do Not Wait! I love you all and I hope you have a great and safe time celebrating the ushering in of 2015. I hope you all know that you are loved and cherished. I hope you all know that you have a purpose. I hope you all know that your success does not hang on that balance of a list of “I should do this this year!” You are so much more than that and you were created for so many specific things! Find them out in 2015 and charge after them! Do that, and I promise you will be a success story you can brag about in the ushering in of 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY READERS, FANS AND FRIENDS! Here’s to a fresh start!

Happy New Year 3