Flying, Rolling or… Rolling!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.”

I have travelled The United States by plane, bus and automobile. It feels like I have been to every state in the contiguous United States, but honestly, I don’t remember if I have. Aaaahhh, the joys of a broken memory card in one’s brain.

I honestly have enjoyed every single mode of transportation I have used thus far, but I hope I am not done. I have quite a few friends and family who are on the physical fitness bandwagon that is sweeping America and causing a lot of weight to be dropped. I too would love to begin a journey of being my best physical self and I would like to think I could be like Forrest Gump on a hand-cycle trike. I’d pedal to the end of the county, and just keep on goin’. I’d pedal to the end of the state, and keep Rollin’ right along.

I used to enjoy flying quite a bit. I think that was during a period of my life when everything needed to go go go and rush rush rush!! Come to think of it, every flight I have ever been on, save the first one, took place when I lived in The Twin Cities. When one lives in a major metropolitan area it seems as though they are conditioned to keep rushing to the next thing. The next meeting, the next soccer practice, oh, dinner starts in twenty minutes, we need to either rush to the store or rush home to start it so we can rush off to the next thing!

Yes, I too used to be that way. Then in 2010, everything changed. Life got too fast for me and rushed way ahead of me causing a wave of failure to rush over me. I couldn’t keep up at my job, my roommates noticed a difference and moved out. God put the breaking brakes on in my life in the Twin Cities and I moved back to the area I grew up around. I now live in the slow-paced, you will probably get stuck behind a tractor doing 20 mile-per-hour through town town. And I work for the fast-paced, all go, no quit company of Walmart in this small town.

Nope. I love the slow pace of a car for my traveling these days. I can get out and check out all the historical places I want. I can stop in a small town and speak with the locals for a while. I can take my time and see all of this beautiful countryside this nation has to offer.

Planes, trains or automobiles? The automobile is the way I prefer to go. I still want to attempt the Forrest Gump thing by hand-cycle someday, but who knows if my body will ever allow that? No matter how you do it, get out and see this wonderful world! Skies of blue and trees of green are all waiting for you somewhere in the world. Go see it all!

Find A Way!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

Yesterday for me was like being 6 again. I was granted an opportunity to drive the combine for a friend harvesting sunflowers.

Most of my greatest memories of childhood took place on farm equipment. Last year I had a few opportunities to dig the fields after the corn had been harvested. Those days were like being 6 again too!

I want to take this opportunity to switch gears. Ever since I was born I have lived with a heart of “Do it no matter how hard it is”. I used to jump off furniture. I used to play in the dirt. I was not your typical 6-year old. I had to go through a lot of stuff from my disability. But, I never let anyone tell me it can’t be done. 

If I had the chance to be 6 again, I would want it to be like yesterday. Yesterday I was a grown up in the fields and allowed to drive the combine by myself. If I was 6-years old again my Dad would be driving. I can remember being 8 and driving on the tractor with my Dad learning how to spell, learning my math and enjoying the Book-It Program. We would have to read a certain number of books to receive a pizza coupon. Most of my reading was sitting next to my Dad in the combine. 

When we are 6-years old we are often told, “Don’t do that! That’s dangerous!” Or, maybe that was just me. Today, at the age of 39, if someone tells me don’t do that, or it can’t be done, I find a way. 

That is the heart of a 6 year old that I want to encourage you to find today. When it appears it can’t be done, find a way. When your spirit says “it can’t be done”, find a way! Never quit! Never give up! It may hurt, you may fall or fail, but at least you will have tried. Be like a six-year old and find a way!