Taking The School Out Of Schools.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The New School.”

Schools today find it necessary to impart competition upon young minds. Do it better, faster, and stronger than the competition.

They have done away with music and the arts and replaced it with Common Core. What they fail to realize is that when talking about people there is no such thing as a common core. That would have to go.

We are all created so diversely that any real ‘schooling’ is difficult at best to impart upon young minds. We here in The United States are hardly united upon this topic.

If I was granted the opportunity to create a school from the ground up I would not build a building. We have this preconceived notion that schooling must take place in a location with teachers, rooms, computers and desks. Why? Why can’t children be taught business? Why can’t they be taught a variety of things that will cause them to seek out constructive things they may not even know they enjoy? 

I spent 12 years of my life wasting time in a variety of buildings from 8am until 3:30pm and for what? To drop out of college three times before I realized I actually like learning! I actually like thinking. I like dissecting things and thinking of new ways to solve problems. Our children are not taught that. 

I was taught complete these math problems and timed test and get them all right and you will get a prize. Read a certain number of books and we will give you a pizza! Know what that is? STUPID!!! Reward thinking does not cause learning! It causes children to do anything to get ahead. 

And it is the same with punishment. I once had a teacher who asked me to write a sentence 200 or something times at home that night because of something I did wrong. I went home, I typed the sentence out once on the computer and copied it 200 times and printed out the pages. What was that? Stupid and a waste of time! This same teacher duct taped a kid to his chair when he got up for recess a few seconds before the bell. In today’s society we would call that abuse! 

The risk/reward method of thinking in school is so archaic that I can’t even wrap my head around it. We need to stimulate the youth to want to make a difference. How do we do that? Create imagination. I would create opportunities. 

When I was a kid I never got to play sports in school because I was in a wheelchair. I became a band a choir geek. We took trips to local retirement centers to play or sing for the shut-ins. I would still employ this method today. Kids need to be made aware that there is a whole community no matter where they are and they have to make a difference in it. Not only was I allowed to make a difference in my community, but through band and choir I got to take trips! Washington D.C., New York City, Orlando, Florida. I have seen them all. 

I would still use convential methods in my school too, but they would be encompassed by imaginative thoughts. Anything can bring inspiration. We need to stop taking away all the children’s inspiration and creating carbon copies. We are not meant to be just another brick in the wall. 

To any children reading this I tell you branch out! You were never meant to be a churned out carbon copy that just goes into society to make money for someone else. You were created to create, inspire, grow, adapt, learn and make the world a better place! That would be the motto of my school.