And In Other News.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

I live in a small rural community in West Central Minnesota. Usually, not much happens for exciting news. Although, we have had our share of sad news over the past few years because people don’t know  how to act and/or react to things any longer and they take their anger issues into their own hands. Yes, even in middle of nowhere rural Minnesota these things happen. Luckily, this is not one of these news stories.

I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday when a Minnesota television station had posted a story about an incident in a Target store in California. They are unsure of who or how it was done, but in the store someone had hacked into the store PA system and began playing the soundtrack of a pornographic film. According to my source they said this was not the first incident of this kind in California either. 

I find this interesting not because of the nature of the incident or the sad truth that there was children present who truly did not need to hear such things. I find it interesting because it blows my mind that someone would stoop to a level to think this was funny, or even original! PA systems have been hacked before. Entire networks have been hacked. 

One of my favorite films is Angelina Jolie’s first film Hackers from 1995 when the Internet as far as public use was still in its infancy. Their motto in the film was ‘Hack The Planet’. The main character of the film caused 1307 computers to crash at once causing a company to lose millions of dollars! He was 11 years old and was sentenced to never touch a computer or phone until his 18th birthday! 

So, you are probably wondering, how does all this relate to me? Well, I have experience in the media and I have experience with sound systems. No, I was not involved in the Target incidents, but I do currently work for Target’s main competitor, Walmart. 

I find the correlation of events, the hacking of a pornographic soundtrack and the dramatic dip in Walmart stock a day later quite compelling. Don’t you? 

What can we learn from this? When one of us loses, we all lose. Why does there have to be those who are out to harm others? Whether it be the poisoning of people’s minds or the loss of great income (which affected all of Walmart’s stock holders). These things affect a large number of people in negative ways. 

I truly wish we could live in a world where humanity would all realize ‘we are all in the same boat and rowing in the same ocean!’ Why do some people think it is funny, or their duty to see others drown? It’s a phrase that was said in 1993 during the riots in L.A., ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ 

Maybe the media is part of the problem. To my readers in other countries, does your media sensationalize harm and hate and bad things happening to others? It sure seems like it does here in The United States. I said it in a previous post, it sure doesn’t seem like we are united any longer. I wonder if we ever can be as a nation and God-willing as a world? Would you be willing to put aside any differences you may have with others and seek a world of Peace and Harmony?