Moments Are The Significance Of Life.

Moments Are The Significance Of Life.

We all live in a world that is so terribly rushed to be better that we miss one of the most significant gifts we have been offered– moments. 

Once they are gone, they never return. Yet, we let them flutter by as though they have no consequence. I assure you, my friends, it is the little things that add up to the big things. It is the moments that add up to the years in our lives. We see this quite frequently in nature. 

Take a sand castle, for example. It is made up of millions of tiny grains of sand. Each grain is unique and each grain has purpose. Without one grain of sand being placed firmly together the integrity of the wall is lessened. 

The same is true of people. Our bodies are made up of millions and billions of atoms. And our lives are made up of millions of moments. Moments that we miss if we let them slip through our perceptions. Right now, as I type this, The Food Network program CHOPPED is on our television thanks to Netflix. We have four sleeping children in the house. Not a single one of them belongs to us. Yet we know that our friends who are parents sometimes need a break. So, we are watching them for a friend who needed some time away. 

My wife is ten feet away from me with a zoned out look on her face. She is finally realizing the magnitude of making decisions at a moments notice. “Sure! I’ll take the kids for a weekend!!” Will wear you out within the first few hours when you are not used to the chaos of an infant, a two year old, a five year old and an eight year old! Moment decision. Moments! Changed lives. All of ours. Forever. 

The moment she had said yes to the request was the moment, if nothing else, our weekend would never be the same. 

However, we are having fun and making wonderful memories with wonderful children. These are moments I would never give up for anything else. It is a challenge, but my wife and I are a team and we will take this moment by moment and realize they are significant not only for us, but also for the children who are in our care for two days. My only hope is we can create moments of memories that will stand through the washing of the sands of time and the castle walls will not fall from their memories. 

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. 

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. 

Today’s Daily Prompt was to talk about something we know we should do but haven’t. Oh, where to begin on this list?


 I should pray more. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. That means every single moment of our lives should be spent with God. But, we always prioritize our lives over that. I have started a simple way of beginning each day, “Hi, God! What are we up to today?” It opens the line. God knows you are ready to speak with Him before you do, so this is more for our human side than anything, but it opens our mind to staying connected. Speaking of staying connected. 


  I should stay in touch with family better. I have five siblings. At this exact moment in time, I could only give you some details about one of them, and only two details about one of them. Which means, I have three siblings I couldn’t even begin to tell you what’s on their minds, or going on in their lives. However, the few details I have heard about through our parents, you won’t get those stories from me. Because they are not my stories to tell. Reach out to your loved ones, won’t you? You may end up surprised by what is going on in their lives. And you will stay connected to what is supposed to be the most important relationship of your life!!


  I should eat better. I am a man who loves it simple. Grill up a burger or grilled cheese, put soup in a bowl and microwave it. Microwave a pot pie or a potatoe. Yup, that’s me! Too many starches, too many sugars and my wife will tell ya, NOT ENOUGH WATER!!! I eat horrible!!! However, this is something we are meaning to change after the past couple days. My body is not reacting well at all to how I have been treating it! 

Not enough exercise, not enough water and not enough good foods!! Let me tell ya, preservatives in your body won’t make ya a mummy!! 

There is an entire list of things I should, could and would do. We could be here for days! But these are my top three. We are here for relationship with God and with others, most importantly immediate family. And to do that, we need to eat right and exercise. Our bodies were not meant to die at an early age, but many people do because of lack of good food and exercise. What is on YOUR LIST Of shoulda, coulda, woulda? 

What If?

What If?

what if within the next hour everything you have that is an earthly possession was gone? All you have left is your spouse, friends, family. Home- gone. Car- gone. Clothing except what you are wearing- gone. Food supply- gone. 

There are millions of people living in our world today in these exact scenarios or a combination thereof. We need to get back to what is important and that is helping one another. There is enough for survival of all people on this planet. Why then do so many go without? Greed. 

Instead of throwing out your left overs, take them to a friend in need. I don’t know why this message was laid on my heart, but it is simple. Ask yourself, “if in the next hour you lose everything except your life and the lives of family and friends, what would you do?” The change of life comes in an instant! God is eternal and will see you through. 

Snow Day (autobiographical)

Snow Day (autobiographical)

The cold winds begin to blow across the place where the grass did grow

the white shroud of snow dances across the landscape

like a blanket held out to dry in the summer wind.

The bitter pierce of crystals against my skin makes me turn cold

I gaze upon this canvas of pureness and wonder what shall I make of this day?

Action without purpose creates drifts in the sands of time.

The snow dances across the landscape giving new purpose to lives on the frozen plains.

Families huddle together in their homes, awaiting the blindness of winds in the coming storm.

Spending time together, their laughter and memories keep them warm.

Still, those unsung heroes, the ones who can’t stay in, we tip our hats to you this day,

as you go out to remove our trash, protect our streets and watch our young ones.

To you, oh soldiers of winter, we salute.

As the shroud of winter will not keep your from your rounds

you maneuver through the desolate isolation that is meant to slow us down.

The winds of change begin to blow across the landscape and my heart is filled with song.

For I am a lover of the snow day. A day for some that seems so long.