Find A Way!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

Yesterday for me was like being 6 again. I was granted an opportunity to drive the combine for a friend harvesting sunflowers.

Most of my greatest memories of childhood took place on farm equipment. Last year I had a few opportunities to dig the fields after the corn had been harvested. Those days were like being 6 again too!

I want to take this opportunity to switch gears. Ever since I was born I have lived with a heart of “Do it no matter how hard it is”. I used to jump off furniture. I used to play in the dirt. I was not your typical 6-year old. I had to go through a lot of stuff from my disability. But, I never let anyone tell me it can’t be done. 

If I had the chance to be 6 again, I would want it to be like yesterday. Yesterday I was a grown up in the fields and allowed to drive the combine by myself. If I was 6-years old again my Dad would be driving. I can remember being 8 and driving on the tractor with my Dad learning how to spell, learning my math and enjoying the Book-It Program. We would have to read a certain number of books to receive a pizza coupon. Most of my reading was sitting next to my Dad in the combine. 

When we are 6-years old we are often told, “Don’t do that! That’s dangerous!” Or, maybe that was just me. Today, at the age of 39, if someone tells me don’t do that, or it can’t be done, I find a way. 

That is the heart of a 6 year old that I want to encourage you to find today. When it appears it can’t be done, find a way. When your spirit says “it can’t be done”, find a way! Never quit! Never give up! It may hurt, you may fall or fail, but at least you will have tried. Be like a six-year old and find a way!