Not Just Lip Service. 

I have had friends in my life that requested prayer and I then post it on Facebook so any other Prayer Warriors can join in. A while back I had a friend thank me for this because I actually committed to the act of prayer. When I can I stop what I am doing and bow to My Father in Heaven with my requests seeking His will. His good and perfect will. 

I had a dear friend message me about needing prayer and I stopped what I was doing and lifted the situation in prayer. Boom! No evil brought against us can last when we honor God. Yes, this life will have trouble. It will have problems. Maybe someday I will tell you all of my faults and failures. But today, I want you to know we are to offer every fiber of our beings to God. We are not our own! We are His!! We ALL belong to Him. All decisions need to go through Him, like we are a three-year old asking our earthly fathers, ‘Can I do this?’ Sometimes they say ‘No!’ because they know what is best for us. And we are called to honor our father and mother in the Ten Commandments. When we honor them, we honor our Father in Heaven. And that is what Roman’s 12:1-2 asks us to do. Renew our bodies and minds so we may know His good and perfect will. 

So, when I say I am praying for you, I am. When you say you need something and I have it to give, or I can get it to give to you, I will. It’s not just lip service to me. It’s life and love for all. 

Pandora’s Inspiration. 

Contemporary Christian station on Pandora today in the house and This song comes on. A relationship with Christ brings changes like a crop in the field. It breaks through the soil when the seed is planted in good soil. It grows. It matures. And then it bears much fruit. 

What fruits are in your life today? Do you find yourself surrounded by blessings and peace? Or do you find yourself in solitary darkness? Yes, it’s true the storms can help us grow, but we also need the SONlight!! 

You Are Not Alone When you are in Christ Jesus!!! 

Local Hotspots!! 

I live in Montevideo, Minnesota. It’s a small town. Somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 people live here. We have our issues, like any small town does. Kids get bored. Kids challenge authority. Sometimes, even adults will challenge authority. It happens all over these days.

But, I want to take you to the hot spots! Let’s start out with a dear friend’s shop, Livintage. Are you looking for that eccentric, no one else has it look for your fashion or home? Livintage in Montevideo has you covered!! 

I wish I could find a photo of the shop-front to use in this post, so I’ll run down there and take one and edit this later. Moving on! 

Artigas Plaza. Are you looking for a calm place to relax, get a cold drink and some food, maybe people watch the folks of Montevideo, Mn? Artigas Plaza is great for that!! 

Go next door and get your hair and nails done at The Hair Connection! 

Getting hungry? We have you covered in Montevideo, too!!! McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, and a 15 minute drive East or West you can find a Blizzard, burger or other frosty treat in Granite Falls or Madison at Dairy Queen. I said I would keep it local, and I have. 

Looking for a movie? The movie theater in Montevideo, Minnesota just got bought by a wonderful couple. They have put a lot of money and blood, sweat and tears into this place and it has really turned around with new management!! 

Millennium Theater in Montevideo is a three-screen movie scene!! You can get your normal popcorn, candy and soda or water choices at this theater, but they also have brought in mini donuts and nachos!! Yes!!! Check em out!! 

I love my local scene! I work for Millennium Theater. I work for Walmart and I also work for D.J. Systems! Your party, your music, your way!! Give us a call and let us show you what we can do, semi-locally. We can travel with our systems if you are willing to pay the price. Let us party with you! 

So, that’s a glimpse into my town locally. Oh I nearly forgot my wife’s favorite coffe spot, Cup A Joe!! Drive thru service. Coffee and scones, muffins. Absolute deliciousness!! Check them out too right here in Montevideo, Minnesota! Come see where the locals hang out! 

And it’s all right here in West-Central Minnesota. 

Worldwide Local. 

It is truly possible to be worldwide without leaving the local area. We are all interconnected now with technology. So, I want to take a trip with you locally. You can choose the distance, but show me your local. I want to see pictures from all around the world. 

I am in a wheelchair and a lot of our world hasn’t grasped the notion of wheelchair accessible yet. It is a difficult task to make everything in the world accessible to everyone. And I have limited funds in the world right now, so moving away from local and traveling the world is not a choice even if it was accessible. So, bring me to your own local. In a new post, or in the comments here show me your local. I want to see the world!!