Singled Out. 

When I look at today’s world, I see a lot of good in it. But, I see a lot of silent evil. Tonight, my bride and I went to see Dark Tower. I couldn’t help but see parallels in today’s real world. 

Matthew McConaughey’s character is basically Satan. He is the ruler of the dark underworld. He goes along controlling people’s minds and thoughts, which then become actions. One character even says, ‘I’m sorry! It’s not me doing this!’ And I couldn’t help but think, ‘All this division and turning statues into idols that we hate and turning people against one another, this is happening right in front of us today! Dark Tower is a real world story.’ Here’s the problem, 99% of the people who read this post will disagree. ‘That’s not true! We are not battling unseen forces from another realm! Satan and evil don’t really have that kind of power here!!’ I’m sure someone will say it to my face, or in a private message, or they may even have the courage to come out and say it in a comment on this post!! Please do!! Bring it on! And then, I want you to prove me wrong. 

Statues being idolized as if they hold some magic power as to how we feel, people destroying property that is not even close to their own because someone or something made them mad, people blocking the lives of others because they feel it is their right, people taking vehicles and running people down because they disagree with their viewpoint and right to express it. We see it all over and I, for one, am sick and tired of sitting by and doing nothing, saying nothing, if you are involved in this, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM AND IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!

 Satan is whispering in so many ears and making people do so many things against their normal will in this world. He has the power here. And you ask, ‘So, why don’t the Christians do something? If their God is so much more powerful, why don’t they step up?!’ Because we understand this world is not our home. Yes, we can fight evil in this world, but Jesus has already beat it! And we know that! His power lives within us, so does His peace. 

I think a lot of Christians have forgotten this. They feel helpless. We have forgotten the power The Holy Spirit of Christ is within each one of us. We need to step up our love, my friends. We need to encourage those who would destroy this world that their actions matter and we need to love them. We need to hold them close and listen. We need to show compassion. We need to let them know they are not in this battle alone and they need to stop listening to the whispers that mean to divide and destroy us. 

Satan is one by one whispering into the spirits of those he knows will listen. He has power in this world, but he doesn’t need to. Christ’s love is more powerful! We can take Satan’s power away, but one person alone cannot do it. We need to unite as Christ’s Army and win everyone over with love and compassion. 

Satan wishes to single people out for his army to destroy this world. We can single people out with love and compassion! Right now, any one of us knows at least two dozen people who need love and compassion. If 100 people read this post, that is 2400 people who’s ears can be tuned out from the whispers of Satan’s lies!! And that is a good start to a worldwide change!! Will you share the love of Jesus with 24 people in the coming days? The future of a lot of people depends on it. 

So, who is this Jesus I speak of? He is the only begotten Son of The One And Only Almighty God. He always has existed and He was sent here to Earth for you and for me and for all people, yes, even the ones who don’t believe in Him. 

When He died on the cross, He entered Hell (It is a real place). He emptied it! He left Satan alone in solitary confinement!! At that moment, death and the grave and Hell had lost all power. But, over time, people still listened to Satan’s whispers. Hell has begun to fill up again. Once we die it is too late to accept the absolute gift of Jesus Christ. 

What is this gift? An Eternity with Him in Heaven. How do you get this gift? There is absolutely no action on Earth you can do. It is freely given to every human being, one by one. You feel it in you as a baby, but you forget. It is engrained into your spirit. When you know in your heart that Jesus died on the cross, went to Hell, cleared it out and three days later rose from the dead, it. Is. Finished. Believe to achieve the gift. 

In the end of Dark Tower, the bad guy loses. At the end of this life, if you ask Jesus into your heart and pray, ‘Father, I am a sinner. Forgive me and help me become who You need me to be.’ It will be done and you will win over the evil whispers too. 

We are not alone, my friends. We are in this battle together, just like in Dark Tower. We have a battle buddy who will help us win the day. Satan may have singled you out to take you over, but God had created you as His Own! You are one of His most precious creations. Believe that today and you cannot be singled out by Satan ever again. 

Does this mean Satan will stop? No. He will try to rule over as many as he can in this world. His whispers can often sound like exactly what we want, so be cautious. This life is hard and can make us feel alone, but we are not. Jesus knows and loves each and every one of us and He has defended each and every one of us to His death. But He beat it. So live in Him and be welcomed into the family of believers who are only singled out for God’s glory and His divine purpose, which is always a good thing. 

All For One, One For All. 

Solitary. Alone. Having no one. This word is an absolute lie!!! 

You are never alone! You may feel like there is absolutely no one who understands you in this world, believe me, I have been there! It’s scary. But, you are never alone! 

Solitary does not exist! I promise you. You have a Heavenly Father who loves you more than you can fathom! 

Right now we have a whole world of people who feel alone. They feel misunderstood. They feel hurt. They feel like everyone around keeps kicking them down. We need to combat that. We need to change this world as she spins further out of control. 

It is up to you. You have love in your heart. If you are a follower of my blog, you have a desire to be inspired. As I write these words the thought may be in your mind, ‘Where can I help? What can I do?’ Call out those who would mean to cage people into a specific category. A word that can come out of category is CAGE. You are a human being. Free to do what you will. I pray it is not to cage another into a specific box you think they should be in. That is solitary confinement. 

We need to open the cages that people have been forced into. God and His Son, Jesus Christ, is the key. The love of Christ can open any prison of solitary confinement. You are not alone! 

Martin Luther King Jr. once said ‘Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’ When we love someone we want what is best for them. Yes, it may hurt, medicine often does. And sometimes it takes solitary confinement to fight the infection, but we need to learn to love through that. We need to learn compassion. We need to learn to see all the sides of something and offer suggestions in love. 

We are never alone! And in me, you have an ally no matter who you are. Because Jesus walks with me and sees all the things we cannot. I am never alone when I enter a room. My hope is one day all the world will know Jesus and the love and relationship He offers to all. 

Unfurl The Canvas!! 

I know, I am really being a broken record here. I am stuck on this note of WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THAT EVERY HUMAN BEING MATTERS!!! 

But it was 21 years ago when D.C. TALK said it better than I ever could. We are all colored people! There is no human being without any melanin in their skin. If you live and breathe as a human being you have color. We need to start seeing our common ground and put away our differences. Imagine if just one brush stroke was missing from your favorite painting. Now imagine if just one person was missing from our colorful world. It would be a totally different place. Yes, even the bad ones. They taught us what we ought not to do. 

Unfurl your color and let it fly, my friends!! Love can win the day! 

Little Did He Know. 

August 17th, 2009 I posted ‘Got the job!!!! IM MOVIN TO BALI!!! HA HA Just kidding on that last part.’, On Facebook. I wanted to be a good fit for that job, but I didn’t have what it takes. It was a collections agent. I cannot be ruthless enough to hound someone to every single avenue they can find to pay a bill. I just can’t. So, 3 weeks from that date in 2009, I rolled out and never went back. 

I found a few more ‘jobs’ to get me through, but ultimately, my life unfurled in a way I didn’t see coming. Some people know the methods I chose at the time to medicate myself into believing everything would be okay, but little did I know, this was the beginning of the end of my time in the twin cities. 

In 2009 if you would have said, ‘You will be married and happy. You will be on your way to accomplishing your goals and dreams, even though it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, you are gonna be great!’ I would have probably broken down crying, which would turn into a crazy joker-like laughter! 

And that’s what I want to share with someone out there. You may feel like a huge wet blanket is currently over your head trying to snuff you out. But, I promise, stay the course and one day you will unfurl that blanket making you feel like you are closed off and finding it hard to breathe. 

Little did he know… these words can come around and change your entire story. It can happen overnight, or it can take years like me. But, when we run the race set before us we can be assured we are open and free to do what we can. 

Opposite Direction, Yet The Same. 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, today’s Daily Post Prompt Word is Unfurled. Unfurled means to be unfolded or spread out. Here’s a key observation I have yet to make– it is still a connected cloth! 

We are one Humanity, my friends. Black, white, yellow, red, purple and gold, green and gold, silver and blue (poor NFL reference there). We are all human. We all bleed. We all hurt. We all fall short of God’s purpose for us. All of us! We are together in this even though there appears to be scissors of separation still trying to cut us apart and cut us down. 

But, we are humanity! We are an inseparable fabric! When we unfurl we are are still together. Yes, we have frayed ends. Yes, we have stains and cuts in our fabric we cannot wipe or sew away. We are one people on one planet! And it is time to find our one unity in Christ! There are no other options! 

And I am saying this to Christians more than those who are not. Whether you don’t believe in any higher power, or you don’t believe in Jesus Christ is irrelevant, so I am speaking now to The Christians of the world– We were born for more than we have become! If we are truly Christians then God’s spirit and power lives within us. If His spirit and power lives within us then we have no choice but to be different. And here’s the problem, we aren’t! 

We need to love more than anyone else on this planet. We need to shake things up and do the unexpected. When the world throws something at us, look away and respond in love. We know this world is not our home. So, why are our fists clenched like so many others? 

And by being loving to everyone and responding in ways Jesus would and the world does not expect we can bring others into the Holy Power of Christ’s love. But that takes moving our hands from the folded motion of prayer into action. Where can you be a difference in the coming days? Where can you show compassion and love? That is what the world needs. Don’t fall into the furled actions of those who wish to rumble. That is not what we are meant to do. 

Feed the hungry. Share the gospel with everyone. Share your food and all resources with anyone you can. I have always wanted to make a large amount of money in my career. Until recently, it was for selfish means. I want to build my wife a good solid home that is wheelchair accessible on a farm. But now, I want to provide for the world. I want to show love and compassion to all I can. I want to make sure no one feels unloved, disrespected, or unfed. That is the method that can make things in this world turn around.

But, I can’t do it alone? Who wants to join the unfurling of humanity so we can bring each other all in together and weave us together more tight than we ever have been? Who’s in? 

Daily Lesson. 

Image from a search for Open Hand which led to

The world needs love!! An open hand ready to help and ready to love cannot be furled in a fist of rage! Love drives out hate! Martin Luther King Jr. said that. How soon we forget and think that objects of hate fuel us when it is our minds and hearts that are furled around previous hurt. 

Open our hearts, minds and hands, Lord so we may be ready to help and hug those who are hurting.