I Am An Emotional Being

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

I admit it. I am an almost 40 year old man and I cry– A LOT!! In the past week, I have cried over the illness of a friend, I have cried over the beauty of a song, I have cried over The Amazing Race when a pair of my favorite contestants came in last place and were eliminated from the game.

I admit it, without regret, I am a crier! God gave us a whole sea of emotions to experience and I find it sad that there are those who try to tell people to suppress their emotions. Anger, Sadness, Fear, Joy, Happiness, Excitement, Exhilaration, Giddiness, all of these and so many more span the scope of human emotion. Feel them all!

Never be afraid to cry.

Fear Is A Lie.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fright Night.”

Anything in our lives that creates fear is not of The Lord. It is very easy for the human spirit to lose focus and become fearful of many things. I am terrified of water. Swimming, diving, scuba diving, they all terrify me because of an event when I was a child and jumped off a dock without first knowing how to swim.

When we jump into uncharted waters we are bound to be fearful. Fear has stopped me from many things, but that was all before I came to know Christ. He has it all under control. We need to submit our fears to Him and He will erase them if we let Him.

When I was a boy I also had a fear of the dark. Within the past few years I have come to understand more of the emptiness of darkness and not knowing where to go. Jesus is The Light, walking with Him there can be no darkness. With no darkness, no unknown, there can be no fear. 

Am I completely absent of fear? No. Fear still whispers in my ear. Fear of failure, fear of the future and what it will bring. Satan loves to whisper fear into our spirit, but we must preside over it in prayer. Our Father, who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come (here on Earth, in my life), your will be done. When we realize He knows our days there is truly nothing to fear but fear itself. Thank you, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.